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Where to start surfing?

A selection of five spots to get started with surfing

Do you want to glide on the water, feel alive and free? There is no age for getting carried away by the waves! Good news: Brittany is an ideal playground for beginners. And the best season is now! From Saint Malo to Belle-Ile, check out our surf school addresses: friendliness and professionalism guaranteed… Don’t forget: you can have surf attitude and zero hang-ups about your level. What are you waiting for?

In the blink of an eye

1. Spot the woman


If you think surfing is a man’s world, then go to the long Rochebonne beach, with Hélène, to shake up this cliché! This former champion of France and certified instructor has put her school under the patronage of Hina, a Polynesian goddess of femininity. Sharing, humility and respect for the elements form the bases of her instruction. With her, surfing is a source of peace and well-being: what matters is living in the present, experiencing the raw pleasure of those first waves. A unique moment of grace and plenitude.

Hina Surf (FR)

Where to sleep :

2. Learn with champions


Learning to surf is a good thing; learning with pros is even better! Not only do Alexis and his team have an exemplary track record, but they are friendly, kind and welcoming. All year round they offer something for every age and every level. Trestraou bay has good conditions for beginners, with an ideal wave size and also an incredible view… A real beauty spot!

Ponnant Surf School (FR)

Where to sleep :

3. Surf when there are waves, skate when it’s flat

La Torche

Lesson No. 1: flat means no waves, at all… now you can speak surf! Welcome to Rise Up in Audierne bay, where Sébastien and his skilled instructors are waiting for you at the cult site of Pointe de La Torche. It’s a name that lights up the eyes of all ocean players! Everything here ensures a fun and safe discovery. Rise Up is a spot in its own right. It is warm and friendly and offers a mix of surfing-related activities, such as a skateboard ramp in the garden, exhibitions, sports and music events, etc. The surfing way of life!

Rise up (FR)

Where to sleep :

4. One week to become an expert… or nearly!


The beaches of Pouldu, in the Southern Finistère, are an excellent choice for taking the plunge when the waves are rolling, at half-tide. Erwan is sure of one thing: you can have fun and discover the rhythm of the waves at any age, whether you’re five or 50! The week-long programme he has devised allows everyone to handle their board decently and to ride their first waves with poise. Stand up, feel the power of the wave that’s carrying you… it’s simply wonderful and entirely possible! There are even hot showers and heated wetsuits for your comfort!

Clohars-Carnoët Surf School (FR)

Where to sleep :


5. Flat moments? Never heard of them!


In the idyllic setting of Donnant beach, in the commune of Sauzon, Gregory and his team are waiting to meet you. The programme is tailor-made, safe, and focused on autonomy. Their credo: develop a new way of seeing the unique maritime environment, in a protected natural site. Good to know: the island situation and the westerly orientation mean there are more waves than on the continent. Thrills and pure pleasure guaranteed.

Ty School (FR)

Where to sleep : in a studio of the Hôtel du Phare, in Sauzon

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