Pointe de La Torche

A rocky outcrop battered by the wind

The Pointe de La Torche is a stunning natural headland nestling in the traditional Breton region of Bigouden. This windswept spot is a magnet for surfers and hikers drawn to its megalithic sites. To see the headland carpeted in a rainbow of tulips, come in springtime.

Experience the Pointe de la Torche – Audierne Bay

The Pointe de la Torche, or Beg an Dorchenn in the Breton language, means ‘tip of the hill’. Extending seawards, La Torche is a rocky outcrop, a wilderness representing the southern boundary of Audierne Bay. A dramatic, remote landscape of captivating beauty. The best time to visit is in March and April. This is when whole fields of tulips are harvested on the marshland. You could be in the Netherlands! There’s no doubt that this is the best season to plan a trip here.

A surfers’ paradise

The rocky promontory of La Torche is well-known among surfers and funboard enthusiasts. There’s never a shortage of waves and wind for enjoying their sport! What if you’re more of a landlubber? Lace up your walking boots and take a trek around the headland. From the footpath, the sweeping views right across the bay are a gorgeous sight. Along the way, you’ll pass an array of megalithic sites, including a tumulus (burial mound) with a passage grave and gallery grave on top.

Did you know

Beards are back

No longer sighted in the West of France in the mid-20th century, the bearded tit has made a comeback in Brière, the Morbihan and then Audierne Bay since the 1960s-70s. This small brown and grey bird shows that the site’s conservation efforts have paid off.

Time to get your binoculars out!

Make the most of your trip to La Torche to explore Audierne Bay too. This is a protected environment spanning a few miles. What’s unique about it? There is a long pebbly beach, Ero Vili, running along the seashore, which is a haven of peace for birds, making it one of the most important grounds for migratory birds in France.

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