Alligator Bay

The place to discover alligators, turtles and reptiles!
Vivarium - Aquarium ,  Zoo - Wildlife park at Beauvoir

Alligator Bay© Alligator Bay
Alligator Bay©
Alligator Bay©
Alligator Bay©
Alligator Bay©
Alligator Bay©
Alligator Bay©
Alligator Bay©
  • Come and discover the largest congregation of alligators in Europe, right by the Mont-Saint-Michel.

    When you visit the 10,000 sq. metre Alligator Bay centre you enter a kingdom of alligators, turtles, lizards and reptiles. Each species has its own section, within which their natural habitat is perfectly replicated. Visitors follow a course which mimics the climatic conditions of African jungles or Louisiana forests (hot and humid). You’d really believe you were there. At the turtle farm you’ll discover giant species from the Seychelles and Africa which can live to 150 years old. You can approach - and even pet - them. So come and check it out with family or friends, there’s so much to see including suspended wooden bridges, trappers’ cabins and shaky pontoons - it's definitely worth the detour.
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