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Improve your fitness and stamina with AquaCardiosCult seawater exercise
Aquatic walking at La Forêt-Fouesnant

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  • In southern Finistère, Omana Riotte will help you trim your figure and improve your stamina through the innovative sport of AquaCardiosCult. This discipline is practised in the water and is an effective solution if you're looking to raise your level of physical fitness.

    Omana Riotte believes that the combination of physical exercise and seawater is good for your health. Born and bred in Finistère, she is active all year round at Bénodet, Concarneau and Port-La-Forêt, offering sea-wading and a new, innovative method of building up your muscles called 'AquaCardiosCult'. Practised in the sea, this activity allows you to undertake stamina training while being 'weightless' and so raise your physical condition to a peak. "Sessions last between one hour and an hour and a half. They allow you to build up your muscles without harming your joints and to work on your figure," Omana says. "It's within everybody's ability because it can be made more or less intense. It's as suitable for top athletes as it is for people who don't take part in any other types of sport."
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