Conserverie la Belle-Iloise

Visit this canning factory established in 1932
Crafts and technical visits at Quiberon

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  • Come and discover all the secrets involved in producing ‘La Belle-Iloise’ canned fish, using only freshly caught fish!

    When you walk into the modern premises of the ‘Conserverie La Belle Iloise’ in Quiberon, it’s hard to imagine that this canning factory is a centre of traditional, unique expertise. Since 1932, the techniques haven’t changed, and everything is still done by hand. There is still no better way to produce top quality products made from freshly caught fish! During your visit, film archives and reconstructions will tell you about the company’s history, as well as help you learn more about how this trade has developed. At the end of the visit there is an opportunity to try some of the products before popping into the shop – with the money you’ve saved on the free admission you can treat yourself to a can or two to take home!
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