Ecomusée de Saint-Dégan

Museum, Eco-museum at Brech

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  • Visit the charming thatched cottages of Saint-Dégan and discover three centuries of country life in the Pays d’Auray region. Lives lived in time with the seasons…

    The thatched cottages of the eco-museum, at the heart of Saint-Dégan in the Morbihan, reveal 3 centuries of country life in the Pays d’Auray area. A life of labour, activities long forgotten, beliefs and myths, festivals and customs… Events and exhibitions at the eco-museum keep alive the historic, architectural and cultural heritage of the Pays d'Auray. Visit the 17th century thatched house, where families and animals lived under the same roof, and the 19th century longhouse and outbuildings. Discover the daily lives of people from the past, the activities of each generation, and their relationship with nature. All around the village, the pathways and undergrowth tell the same story: sunken lanes, ‘bocage’ (patchwork of fields), orchards, and crop threshing…Just follow the trail. And if all that walking makes you hungry? Make your own bread and take it home!
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