Enez Koalen

Experience 'pure' excitement aboard the Enez Koalen.
Sailing at Paimpol

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  • Do you want a taste of the real seafaring life? Even if you're a complete beginner, the Enez Koalen promises to be a fabulous experience. Fun and discovering life at sea are the order of the day!

    Under the friendly guidance of Cédric, you'll be old-style shipmates in the Bréhat Archipelago. Under sail - that's your job! - you'll mark a course between islets of pink granite. Your hosts are birds, seals, dolphins...and your garden has a border of seaweed. Talking of which, did you know that you eat seaweed practically every day? Other secrets, sometimes the stuff of Breton legend, are revealed to you by the crew. A lobster pot is hauled up and some lines are cast. All this hard work whets the appetite! After sharing lunch in a magnificent cove, you'll resume your voyage in a landscape shaped by the tide. In the narrow passages between rocks, there are times when the captain has to take the tiller. That's your chance to feast your eyes on the emerald deep.
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