Haliotika - La Cité de la Pêche

From the sea to your plate
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  • A day in the life of a fisherman, behind the scenes at one of France’s biggest fish auctions, how to prepare and cook with fish... It’s all here at Haliotika where you can find out all about a fish’s journey from the ocean to our plate.

    At Haliotika, dive into the world of today’s fishermen. This ‘fishing city’ is in Le Guilvinec, France’s biggest port in terms of seamen with some 1000 men and women sailing 253 boats. Every day, they fish langoustines, monkfish, skate, cod, whiting and sardines. Thanks to audio guides and interactive exhibits for kids and adults alike, you will get to find out everything about life on the sea. By getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the thrice-daily fish market, la criée, you get to see the complete journey that each fish makes from the ocean to your plate. Don’t miss out on all the other things on offer too whether it’s a fish soup tasting, introduction to shellfish gathering, seaweed cookery workshops or a tour of a coastguard lifeboat... What more could you want? All aboard for a day on board a trawler – anything is possible at Haliotika!
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