Haras National d'Hennebont

Majestic stallions
Museum at Hennebont

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  • After visiting the Hennebont Stud Farm, you will know all there is to know about horses and their relationship with man.

    In Hennebont, by the banks of the river Blavet, the Espace Découverte du Cheval is dedicated to the world of horses: the horse as a means of transport, the horse as the farmer’s helpmate when pulling his plough, the horse as both weapon in war-time and leisure companion in times of peace. The museum and stables will help you to understand the way of life of man’s most noble friend, plus some of the crafts that are part and parcel of the equestrian world (saddlers, farriers – whom you can see working on-site). Professional guides take you round the stables to see the 60 or so national stallions, including the real stars of the show, the magnificent Breton draft horses, before showing you the saddle museum.
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