La Cancalaise

Racing in Mont Saint-Michel Bay aboard the Cancalaise!
Sailing, Sailing at Cancale

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  • As every salt-sea racer knows, the bisquine, a type of Breton fishing boat, is among the fastest and most prestigious of traditional vessels. It's the Formula One of old-style fishing! Being aboard this ship is truly exhilarating.

    Feel truly alive in the sunlight and the sea mists as you race over the waves, transported by 450m2 of canvas. With sails like this, the crew is only too pleased to have you lend a hand. You never tire of the pleasure of getting to grips with the rigging. The boat handles beautifully as you steer towards the Chausey Archipelago or along the coast. The elegant Cancalaise is equally capable of taking it easy and dropping anchor, giving you a chance to experience the history, heritage and biodiversity of the islands or Saint-Malo. Your guide will take you on an epic odyssey, and, on the way back, should you meet arch rival the Granvillaise, you're in for a thrill, as the skippers recreate the excitement of a glorious racing era. What an honour to be part of the Cancalaise winning team!
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