Les Alignements de Carnac

Standing stones line up as far as the eye can see!
Historic site and monument, Megalith, Archaeological site at Carnac

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  • Over 2,800 standing stones! Erected in around 4500 BC, the stones are lined up over 4 km and 40 hectares in Carnac.

    The standing stones, megalithic tombs and long narrow rows cover an area of over four kilometres at Carnac. The tallest standing stone is 4 metres high. During the high season, the alignments can be reached on a guided visit only, whilst in winter they can be freely accessed. This is for preservation and conservation purposes. The alignments here were erected during the Neolithic period by communities that had settled in the area between 5000BC and 2000BC. These tribes lived in large houses made of wood and clay, and made a living from farming and agriculture. A great way to round off your visit to the stones is with a visit to the Museum of Prehistory! This Museum clearly and simply presents the information we have available that goes some way towards explaining how these monuments dating back several thousand years old came to be here today.
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