Musée de Préhistoire de Carnac

A great museum explaining everything about anything megalithic
Museum, Archaeology, Prehistory at Carnac

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  • The ‘Musée de Préhistoire’ (Museum of Prehistory) in Carnac houses one of the finest prehistoric collections in Europe, dedicated to the people of the Neolithic period (5500 -2200 BC).

    You’ll be stunned by the sheer wealth of this museum’s collection, which boasts more than 6600 artefacts, grouped by theme on two floors, including maps, plans and archaeological finds. There is a strong focus on the Neolithic period, a time when a great number of megaliths, these huge stone structures, were erected by man as a place to bury their dead (dolmen, tumulus etc.) or for more symbolic functions (alignments etc.) The development of this funerary architecture is traced here, from gallery graves to passage tombs. Everyday life is retold through a variety of objects uncovered on the archaeological sites (pottery, flint tools, polished axe-heads, jewellery etc.)
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