Notre Dame de Rumengol

Notre-Dame de Rumengol, pride of Brest!
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  • Come aboard the Notre-Dame de Rumengol for a trip in 'five star' comfort. There's always room for pleasure aboard this strong and steady barge. Ideal for discovering the secrets of the Rade de Brest!

    Since it was renovated in 1996, the Notre-Dame de Rumengol has been a star of maritime festivals and events. A very approachable celebrity, it's 22m long, and can accommodate up to 27 people for a day or 11 for a cruise, from April to October. Doesn't it make you want to sail the River Aulne or put out into the deep blue Iroise Sea! Every day, the boat can sail from Brest and coast peacefully around the sheltered Rade. When the wind starts to swell the sails, the wonderful surprises begin. Mickaël, the skipper, and the two crew, are happy to share the tiller and let everyone take part in handling. With its capacious hold recalling the times when it carried cargoes of wine or sand, the boat is both comfortable and dependable. Sailor for a day, surrounded by numerous other yachts, from the deck you discover a little known, enchanting harbour.
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