Septième Ciel Parachutisme

Thrills and amazing views of the Pink Granite Coast!
Parachuting at Lannion

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  • If you feel like taking the air, why not take to the air from Lannion Airport. The highly-experienced team at 7ème Ciel Parachuting will help you experience the unique thrills of freefalling and flying under canopy over one of France's most beautiful areas. On a tandem chute with an instructor -- fun is guaranteed.

    Your first experience of parachute jumping begins on terra firma. Patrice Bourdy and his team, all professional instructors, with a government-recognised qualification and a reassuring smile, give you a thorough briefing. The atmosphere is warm and friendly as the safety rules and the positions to be assumed while you’re in freefall are quickly learned. On goes your harness, into the plane, and we’re all ready. At an altitude of 4,000 metres, you dive into the void strapped to your instructor. Then the chute opens and you enjoy a few wonderful moments floating above the landscape of Ploumanac’h and Perros-Guirec. This experience, with the only parachute school approved by the Northern Brittany Federation, is open to all.
  • Spoken languages
    • English
  • Rates 2020
  • Base rate
    285 €
  • From March 1, 2020 until November 30, 2020
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