Terre de Sel

A salty outing
Guided tour at Guérande

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  • On the ocean road, the 'Terre de Sel' shop and exhibition space is a showcase for the Guérande salt marshes and its workers, the alchemists that produce this ‘white gold’.

    To the West of Loire-Atlantique, Guérande salt is produced in 2000 hectares of salt evaporation pans and ‘marine prairies’ using a traditional know-how, jealously guarded from any kind of mechanical intervention. A real showcase for traditional methods and local produce, the 'Terre de Sel' shop and exhibition space is the starting point for walks out into the salt marshes, accompanied by a naturalist or salt-marsh worker. On the ground floor, the exhibition gives a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem, fauna and flora of the Guérande peninsula, as well as the different jobs associated with salt production. Well-stocked, the shop sells the famous ‘fleur de sel’ sea salt, delicious salted butter caramels and a tasty selection of local produce.
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  • From May 15, 2020 until December 31, 2020
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