Vedettes l'Angélus

Gulf ahoy!
Ocean cruises at Locmariaquer

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  • The motor launches operated by Les Vedettes l'Angélus take you to visit every nook and cranny of the Gulf of Morbihan, to learn all about its exceptional natural heritage, protected by UNESCO.

    You may have heard of the isle of Arz or the Ile aux Moines (Monks' Island). But did you know that the Gulf of Morbihan contains a total of 42 islands, all as beautiful as each other? As you can imagine, they're well worth visiting. The people at the maritime company Les Vedettes d'Angelus know this large inland sea like the back of their hands. They offer an extended trip that takes you up the Auray river, following in the wake of Benjamin Franklin and Gustave Eiffel. Maxi cruises take you on a complete circuit of the Gulf, with a stop-off at the Ile aux Moines or a nature visit on the isle of Houat. Mini cruises go past the Cairn of Gavrinis and the cromlech of Er Lannic. Keep your eyes and ears open and follow the captain's informative commentary on oyster farming, fishing and migratory birds.
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