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Feel the wind in your hair as you travel to the “bald island”!

Boat trip to Molène: marine wildlife in the spotlight
IdeallyFor all
PlaceLe Conquet
Led byChristel


  • You’ll be able to tell your colleagues all about it come Monday morning!
  • Meandering between the lighthouses and the islands of the Breton peninsula
  • Seal- and dolphin-spotting for the lucky ones!



Fancy a boat trip with friends to see the abundant wildlife in Iroise Marine Nature Park? Yes please! Christel, Lucky and their crew have a fantastic day out planned for you between extraordinary encounters and rugged scenery. Set sail to Molène and its archipelago from Le Conquet: in your rigid inflatable boat, wend your way between the lighthouses… If you’re lucky, you might even be greeted with sightings of the bottlenose dolphins that live along the coast, or glimpse the grey seals lounging on an outcrop! Once in Molène, you’re free to explore at leisure before returning to the mainland in the late afternoon.

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Your Breton expert


How would you best describe your activity/outings?

A timeless change of scene! For time really does stand still during each outing. It feels like you’re in another world, with the impression, at the end of the day, that you’ve been away for an eternity!


In your opinion, in what way is the Iroise Sea an incredible observation site?

It’s the number 1 marine nature park in France: the sustainable development of this fragile yet outstanding site is a priority for us. It is home to the largest concentration of offshore lighthouses in the world, seals, bottlenose dolphins, 120 species of fish and a whole host of protected birds… As a marine guide, it’s only natural for us to want to encourage everyone to appreciate and look after it!


Is there a specific marine experience that has stayed with you?

Witnessing a pregnant bottlenose dolphin give birth to her calves – I was so incredibly lucky! It really was a magical moment.


Starting point

Meet at the pier of Le Conquet harbour at 10.30am.

This experience includes

A sightseeing day around the Molène archipelago and Iroise Marine Park in the company of Christel and Lucky or another crew member.

A three-and-a-half-hour stopover on Molène island.

Useful information

Outing organised April to October – daily departures – Outings planned and confirmed depending on the weather conditions.

Advance booking required.

Return to Le Conquet about 6pm.

For anyone aged 3 to 77 years old.

Lunch on the island is not included. There are catering options on the island (please book ahead), otherwise bring your own picnic.

Remember to bring a jumper, fleece, windbreaker, scarf, neck warmer, sunglasses and sun cream.

Observation of marine mammals and offshore lighthouses.

Other outings are also available through Archipel Excursions.

Boat trip à Molène : quand la faune marine entre en scène !
Boat trip à Molène : quand la faune marine entre en scène !
Boat trip à Molène : quand la faune marine entre en scène !

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