Expérience Bretonne - Île de SeinExpérience Bretonne - Île de Sein
©Expérience Bretonne - Île de Sein|DERENNES Yannick
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©D'Audierne a l'ile de Sein en voilier Experience bretonne|DERENNES Yannick
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©Raz de Sein, Phare de la Vieille|CROCE Vincent
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©D'Audierne a l'ile de Sein en voilier Experience bretonne|DERENNES Yannick

‘Fun, Sun and Sein’ Breton adventure

From Audierne to Île de Sein, sail away for the day 
IdeallyWith family
Led byRené


  • Aboard the Atlantis, the official ends-of-the-earth sailboat
  • The sea stretching as far as the eye can see!
  • Sightseein’ in Sein!



What if, this summer, the ends of the earth were within sight? What if all you had to do was step off the beaten track for a day away from it all, with Finistère’s beautiful cliffs as your backdrop (or not far away)? Agnès and René have specially prepared an eco-friendly getaway on the water and what a way to start! Setting sail from Audierne, the little harbour shimmering behind its lush-green hillsides, all climb aboard the Atlantis and head west. In the company of the bracing breeze, currents and lighthouses steeped in history, sail past the Pointe du Raz headland, admiring its rustic beauty framed by the waves. After two-and-a-half hours, drop anchor at Sein, an atmospheric, windswept land where the seabirds dance in flight around the colourful houses… You won’t want to leave!

Starting at 


per person


Your Breton expert


What’s it like going to the ends of the earth several times a year?

Penn ar bed, in Breton, means both the end and the beginning of the earth. It’s where everything begins. Île de Sein is like a precious jewel on the horizon; your gaze sweeps over the omnipresent ocean. You can feel a yearning for a longer-distance voyage, right across the Atlantic… one day maybe!


Why did you call your boat Atlantis?

It’s a name that straightaway conjures up the sea. In Greek mythology, Atlantis was the island of Poseidon, god of the sea. So our aim is to capture our passengers’ imaginations, sparking a sense of wonder through unique experiences on board.


Are you more of an island or mainland person?

I’m based in Audierne, in Cap-Sizun. After a family cruise around the Ponant islands on a sailboat, including fabulous stopovers – an unforgettable trip – this is a home base it’s always a pleasure to come back to!


Starting point

Meet in Audierne harbour at 8.45am

This experience includes

A day out at sea, on the “Lighthouses and shipwrecks” theme, aboard the Atlantis.

Sightseeing on Île de Sein.

Local produce tasting on board.

Free admission to the annual exhibition at Audierne’s Maritime Museum the next day.

Useful information

“Lighthouses and shipwrecks” outings are organised on specific dates based on the tides through July and August.

Sightseeing of Pointe du Raz, the Vieille Lighthouse and Île de Sein, on a sailboat.

Local produce will be available for tasting while aboard the Atlantis (please bring your own picnic lunch though, or book to eat in a local fish restaurant on the island).

During the excursion, you may go and visit the Museum dedicated to the National Lifeboat Station on Île de Sein for €4/person.

Remember to bring: sun cream, sunglasses, cap or sunhat, beach towel / warm clothing (fleece) and windbreaker.

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