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History and legends at the heart of BrittanyMystical landscapes, historical heritage... and authenticity
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History and legends at the heart of Brittany

Discover the tales of Kalon-Breizh! Stroll through preserved and mysterious nature, the birthplace of many Breton legends, and discover a not-so distant past.

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3 days

At a glance

History and Breton legends intermingle at the heart of Brittany. In Monts d’Arrée, plunge into the life of peasants from a time past and mystical landscapes. Who knows, at dawn you might even come across some of the elves and korrigans who have found refuge here. Or perhaps you’ll meet them in the middle of the rocky chaos of Huelgoat forest. In Carhaix, you can return to the Gallo-Roman period. At Trévarez castle, you’ll be surprised by its modernity.

Plunge into the rural life of times gone by in Monts d’Arrée

Welcome to Monts d’Arrée, land of peat bogs, moors and ferns. Visit the Ecomusée to better understand the life of peasants in times gone by in Central Brittany. There are two parts.

In Commana, around 15 buildings form the authentic millers’ village of Kerouat. Nestled at the bottom of a valley, this site is now a moving site that remembers the past and an ideal site for walking. Discover its watermills, open the doors to the houses, the bakeries, the stables… Walk through the orchard, the vegetable garden and the woods on the estate.

Continue your rural pilgrimage to Maison Cornec in Saint-Rivoal. This was the home of a rich peasant family in the 18th century. How can you tell? The protruding wing and the outside staircase are symbols of wealth of the time.

  • In Saint-Rivoal, climb to the top of the Montagne Saint-Michel and enjoy a 360° panoramic view over the Monts d’Arrée
  • Why don’t you try the experience of unusual accommodation? Built on the hillside and with green roofs, the “Troglogîtes” blend in naturally with the surrounding landscape.

Monts d’Arrée at dawn, rocky maze in Huelgoat and Vallée des Saints

At dawn, set off for a hike with the ADDES association. Mist, sunshine, whatever the weather, you’ll love watching the sun rise over the moors and on the ridges of Monts d’Arrée. Marvel at nature waking up and, on the way back, appreciate a copious breakfast of local products. 

Once full, head off to the enigmatic Huelgoat forest. Oh look, a giant mushroom! Over there a shaking rock, further still a granite chaos… Be surprised by the beauty and curiosity of these rocks that have been polished by time. This maze of stones and plants has inspired many tales.

At the end of the day, experience the particular atmosphere that reigns in Vallée des Saints, a mini Breton version of Easter Island. Nicodème, Haude, Möé, Ginnery… Can you recognise the Breton saints immortalised in granite giants? A map is available that will help you to find them!

  • Have lunch at the Crêperie des Myrtilles in Huelgoat, one of the oldest in the region.
  • Don’t leave without tasting the traditional jams and the caramel cream from the “Les 4 Saisons” shop.

From Carhaix in the Gallo-Roman period to the modern Trévarez estate

Dedicate your morning to a visit of the archaeological interpretation centre of the site of Vorgium. Today it is Carhaix!

In the town centre, Vorgium proposes two spaces for an immersive and interactive experience. With a digital tablet, rediscover the Gallo-Roman district that has been rebuilt in the garden. Thanks to augmented reality, you can even enter one of the luxurious dwellings. Captivating! Inside the centre, a permanent exhibition plunges you into the daily life of the period. Don’t hesitate to use the touch screens.

In the afternoon, go to Trévarez Castle, which boasts the “20th-century heritage” label. Discover the Neo-Gothic “pink castle” and its beautiful garden on your own or with a guide. Don’t miss the exceptional collections of rhododendrons and camellias!

  • For a take-away lunch, opt for La Cantine des Chefs: dishes based on fresh and seasonal products, all served in jars!
  • Linger in the splendid Trévarez grounds and enjoy the show of flowers over the seasons: camellias, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, andromeda, skimmias, etc.

We like

  • Falling under the charm of the very special landscapes of Monts d’Arrée! Bare ridges, rocky outcrops, moors, bocages, etc. Here, nature is both wild and mysterious.
  • Wandering through the Vallée des Saints and marvelling at the monumental statues, real works of modern art to remember and honour the Breton history and culture.

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