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Take a camper van to Central Brittany

Enjoy your freedom on the roads of Argoat. Stop off in Quénécan forest, Guerlédan lake and close to the Nantes – Brest canal to fill up… on sensations!

Suggestion for break in
3 days

At a glance

Freedom, open spaces and a spot of adventure. Try the “Van Life” trend on this trip in Argoat. You’ll love travelling through inland Brittany, surrounded by the generous and preserved nature. From the woody spaces of Quénécan to the Nantes – Brest canal, via the banks of the largest lake in Brittany, Guerlédan. Swap the steering wheel for a good pair of walking shoes, a mountain bike or even a canoe to get even more out of your trip!

At the heart of Quénécan forest

En route! Get behind the wheel of your camper van and head to Quénécan forest. Nicknamed “little Switzerland of Brittany”, this forest has coppices of beech and oak trees, rows of pine trees and yews, thickets of holly and carpets of ferns. This dense green paradise has a wild kind of magic.

Stop at the village of Forges des Salles, a remnant of the steel industry that reigned here in the 18th and 19th centuries. You can also set off in search of megalithic curiosities hidden in the forest: the Breuil du Chêne and the Breuil standing stones.

Prolong your journey to the Cistercian abbey of Bon-Repos. Be enchanted by the romanticism of the restored ruins surrounded by water and forests. Opt for an augmented reality visit and enjoy the current contemporary art exhibition.

  • At Anse de Sordan, the Merlin les Pieds dans l’Eau restaurant will awaken your taste buds with a local menu.
  • On the way to the forest, stop at Pontivy and soak up the atmosphere of this town with an assortment of architecture including half-timbered houses, little Renaissance hotels and Napoleonic façades.

Off-road outing around Guerlédan Lake

On foot or bike, set off on the trails of Guerlédan Lake, the largest lake in Brittany. It is retained by an impressive hydro-electric dam.

All along the lake, the trails take you either to the water’s edge or to the top of a shale ridge, for the price of a small “climb”. Your efforts will be largely rewarded with breath-taking views. Here, the blue shade of the lake’s deep water mixes with the green of the wooded hillsides and the yellow of the reeds. It’s sublime!

It couldn’t be easier to reach. By foot, follow the red and white marking of the GR 341. On mountain bike, there are several circuits from 15 to 55 km, available from the mountain bike station in Mûr-de-Bretagne. You can also opt for a guided outing, for an hour or half a day.

  • Are you a fan of water sports? At Beau Rivage, one of the largest beaches on the lake, you can hire water skis, pedalos, canoes, etc.
  • Guerlédan Lake is ideal for sport. From a gentle stroll to trail running, there is something for every taste and every ability!

Slide on the Nantes-Brest canal

After a good breakfast, head to the Créhaher water sports centre in Glomel. Today, you’re going to discover the Nantes-Brest canal directly on the water!

You’ll need some coaching before you set off. Between Saint-Péran and La Pie, a 4-km stretch with a steep gradient, there are 15 locks along the canal. There’s only one way to get over them: slide!

Ready? Paddle! On your canoe-raft or kayak, appreciate the peace and quiet of this outing on the canal. You’ll soon see one, then two, then three locks… A stairway that you’ll have to navigate on runners that are just wide enough for your vessel. Close your eyes and go! Thrills guaranteed!

  • Not comfortable on the water? The Créhaher centre also hires mountain bikes and electric bikes to follow the Nantes – Brest canal along its towpaths.
  • The highest point of the Nantes – Brest canal, the Glomel “trench” is a reminder that it was partly built by convicts from Brest. It took nine years to dig through the shale here… labour or punishment?

We like

  • Taking time out whilst sitting on one of the rocky spurs that dominate Guerlédan Lake and admiring this landscape of water and forest. Ideal for some deep breaths of fresh air, and regenerating too!
  • Getting the oars out on the Nantes – Brest canal and having fun passing through the locks which used to allow boats to reach the watershed between the Blavet and the Aulne.

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