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Unveil the secrets of Brest bayTo the rhythm of the ocean
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Unveil the secrets of Brest bay

(Re)discover Brest, a dynamic city with the sea in its blood, and its bay, one of the largest and most beautiful in the world.

Suggestion for break in
3 days

At a glance

Welcome to Brest, an urban and maritime city linked to the ocean by its bay. An immense bay that you can contemplate wherever you go during this surprising and energising break. From Recouvrance and Siam, two emblematic districts of Brest perfect for strolling around. From Albert-Louppe bridge, which spans the Elorn estuary, or, more surprising, from the first urban cable car in France. You can also visit the bay on a traditional cockling boat whose captain will tell you everything he knows about it. Spectacular stories and tales await you!

Stroll through the different areas of Brest

Dedicate this first day to exploring Brest. For an initial overview, cross the Penfeld on Recouvrance bridge. This emblematic bridge connects two districts. Two different faces of the same town…
On the right bank, Recouvrance is the soul of Brest. Lose yourself in its little streets, looking for unusual details. Note, for example, the fountain adjoining La Maison de la Fontaine, one of the oldest in the town and now an artists’ haven. From Tanguy Tower or the footbridge of Jardin des Explorateurs, you can enjoy a lovely view of the bay.
On the left bank, the Siam district is ideal for window shopping. Its main street, which is entirely pedestrianised, is lined with numerous boutiques, cafés and chocolate shops. Treat yourself to a “Pompon de Brest”. This salted butter caramel sweet coated in dark chocolate is a delight!

  • After a walk on Port du Château, test out a Brest institution: ” Le Crabe-Marteau”. It’s a tool used to break the shell of crabs caught in the Iroise Sea. Bon appétit!
  • Take a detour via the Maritime Museum. Nestled in the castle, it traces several centuries of naval history and offers a brilliant view of the bay

Set off on a traditional cockling

All aboard for a trip on Loc’h Monna, a former cockling boat in Brest bay. It’s the perfect opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the scenery from another angle.
The captain, Yann, knows his traditional sailing boat by heart. He ought to, because he completely restored it himself. As you help to sail the boat, listen to the stories and tales of the boat and the bay.
All this sailing works up an appetite! For lunch, enjoy local products such as Plougastel strawberries, Ménez-Hom goat’s cheese, etc.
Back on dry land, take the cable car to Les Ateliers des Capucins, a former industrial building rehabilitated into a cultural centre. The view of the town and its arsenal from the very first urban cable car in France is breath-taking!

  • The Brestoâ invites you aboard heading for the Aulne estuary to moor at the Trénérez brasserie and enjoy a Land’s End beer that is 100% Breton.
  • At the Atelier des Capucins, don’t miss the 70.8 display and that of the Canot de l’Empereur.

Tour of the ocean universe, without leaving the bay!

This morning, get ready to plunge into the world of the oceans. On the edge of Brest bay, Océanopolis is not your usual aquarium. Here, you can discover the wealth of the marine environment. You’ll appreciate the diversity of tropical, polar, continental and Breton species. A handy hint? Watch the seals being fed and discover their particularities in the company of a scientific expert. It’s a great event!
In the afternoon, gain height and stroll on Albert-Louppe bridge. From this structure given over to pedestrians and cyclists, you will dominate the entire bay. Admire also the neighbouring cable-stayed Iroise bridge. Such elegance!
Do you like walking? Then continue with a lovely walk from Passage along the Elorn. As you walk up this coastal river, you’ll discover wooden dykes, salt-meadows, mudflats, bays, etc. It’s another facet of Brest bay.

  • At Capucins, be sure not to miss the 70.8 gallery of maritime innovations and the staging of the Emperor’s Barge.
  • Do you want to see more? Head to the Crozon peninsula to discover the southern part of the bay… An idyllic spot.

We like

  • Stopping on one of the many terraces at the bottom of Rue de Siam, in Brest, and enjoying the view of the famous Recouvrance bridge, the Penfeld and the Ateliers des Capucins.
  • Boarding a traditional sailing boat and playing at sailors on Brest bay, a wonderful playground for water sports.

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