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Press pack for 2023: Intimate and Authentic Brittany

Land of combinations, Brittany has many faces. The azure coast in summer. Hidden gems bourgeon mid-season: changing colours, vibrant festivals, culinary spots, secret islands, cosy intervals, experiences and adventures punctuated by the elements and the tides. Brittany cultivates the experience of wide open spaces and open horizons, giving access to distant lands, dizzying perspectives but also coastal or rural views, and unexpected urban zooms… By train to the end of the line, unless you prefer to criss-cross Brittany on foot or by bike, or admire the sunsets indoors/outdoors from your campervan. The joy of minimalist travel: without knowing it, Brittany vibrates with a certain new cool. Here, we find the vibe of the origin of surfing, and true and simple joys. Brittany is smelled, tasted, felt and sensed: each time, it’s a new scene, a new landscape, a new epilogue, an unknown flavour, a different pantone and new encounters.

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