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Press pack for 2024 – Come as a tourist, leave as a Breton

Welcome to Brittany, a region that stands out from others.

A strong personality, a Celtic DNA, an infinite coastline, and an openness to the world. Here shines the unspoilt beauty of places that reveal a new face every season. Brittany has the remarkable ability to continually surprise you. It gets even better when you venture off the beaten track to discover its lesser known treasures. Together with passionate locals, see and experience Brittany through their eyes outside the summer. Discover their favourite spots, take on a microadventure, go on a foodie road trip, hike the iconic GR34 trail. Come by car, by plane, by ferry, or by train, and explore this land of contrasts at your own pace. Brittany works its magic whether you visit just for a few days, or a longer time. Come as a tourist, leave as a Breton.

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