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Beer-themed hikes and micro-breweries in Brittany

 Brittany’s brewing tradition stretches back to the 17th century. For two centuries Breton beer was as popular as other regional drinks such as cider, Lambig and Chouchen. But gradually, the dozens of breweries closed down, and by WWII, Breton brewing was largely gone. The region’s Celtic roots revival in the 70’ with the creation of Lorient’s Interceltic Festival, also initiates a renewal of Brittany’s brewing heritage. There are now more than 223 Breton breweries turning out artisan ales. Served at between 6°C and 12°C, pale, dark or red, they can be tasted where they are brewed, or at a bar, and always in a cheery atmosphere. A particular feature of Breton beers is the surprising additional ingredients used to enhance their flavours: from spices to seaweed, and buckwheat – all are part of Brittany’s DNA and tell the story of this unique destination.

 Boots & Beer – An original way to (re)discover Brittany

Brittany boasts 10,000 km of signposted circuits to discover, and eight ‘Grande Randonnée’ (long-distance) paths. Amongst them, the GR® 34, the former customs officers’ path, is the most famous and popular! It’s a route steeped in history, salt and sea spray. It snakes along the coastline of Brittany for over 2,000 km, from
Mont-Saint-Michel to the bridge of Saint-Nazaire. Showing off its red and white markers, it offers anyone who walks it a large breath of fresh ocean air and stunning sea views. We thought of a fun way to select a section of this iconic route: pick a walk that ends with a fresh local craft beer. An original way to get off the beaten tracks, and celebrate the Celtic roots of Brittany!

 From Cap Fréhel to Fort La Latte

Duration: 4 hours 35 mins / Distance: 16.7 km

Follow the GR 34 coastal path from Cap Fréhel headland to Fort-La-Latte, a medieval fortress built on the clifftop. You’ll discover a succession of beaches and coves that are some of the finest on the north coast. It will be hard to resist a swim in the translucent water. The walk starts in front of Plévenon school, at the entrance to the peninsula. You’ll be heading north-west, on an easy path through moors of heather and gorse, with a breath-taking 180° view of the sea. If you dreamed of a breath of sea air, walking among unspoilt areas in one of the most beautiful sites in Brittany, then this is simply perfect! You’ll walk along the high cliffs overlooking the Channel, in a palette of vibrant colours. The dizzying view from the top of Cap Fréhel and the arrival at Fort-La-Latte, well known by cinema fans, are second to none. It’s a bit blustery, but the breath-taking views will give you wings! As you head back to Cap Fréhel, stop at Brasserie La Fréhéloise, next to the church. After several years of brewing at home, Youenn and his wife Sylvie wanted to pursue their passion to the full. They are now full-time brewers and opened LA FREHELOISE brewery in Fréhel in 2018.

 A lovely escapade in Morlaix bay

Duration: 4 hours 20 / Distance: 17.5 km

Ready for a tour of the Carantec peninsula starting from the little port? Ready to carry on, if the tide permits, as far as Ile Callot and its unrivalled charm? Then, to come back down along Morlaix river, with a particularly lovely view when the tide is out… Take the GR34 trail and then go back up towards Château du Taureau for a 180° view of the oyster parks! The Customs Officers’ path takes you to Pointe de Pen Al Lann, where you can contemplate Ile Louët, and the rocky platform
of Chaise du Curé: the view of the beaches, the bay lined with little islands is simply sublime – but we’ll let you be the judge of that! Back in Carantec, stop at La Brasserie Graphique. Pierre-Yves Jaouen installed his vats in a former art gallery in Carantec. This former teacher at the University of Brest dream of more manual work has come true. As a lover of contemporary art, for each new beer brewed, he invites an artist to design the bottle label and exhibit his works at the brewery.


 “Randos Bière en Bretagne” – Beer-themed hikes and walks in Brittany

Through this guidebook, the authors invite you to discover Brittany by foot while ending each of your walks with a good local craft beer. From coastal paths to fortified towns from the Middle Ages, passing through forests, mills, standing stones, islands and secret beaches, the 40 hikes take you through various Breton landscapes. All the routes have been carried out in their entirety by the authors of the guide and the beers have been tasted conscientiously.

Randos Bières


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