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Bretons, Bretones – Beautiful ordinary moments with extraordinary locals

 Isn’t it true that the essence of travelling is to get to know yourself and others? Experiencing Brittany intensively means authentic encounters. With Breton people, who are passionate, committed and willing to share. With places, full of surprises and mysteries. Carry out your own explorations, take the pulse of the destination, and set off freely to the borders of the territory. Become one with the land. Locals are custodians of secrets revealed only to you through a story, a glance, a meal, a twist of the hand… leaving you changed, enriched.

Nicolas Conraux at “La Butte” • A Citizen Chef

It’s no wonder La Butte in Plouider has been awarded a Michelin green star in 2022… Nicolas Conraux sees his restaurant as an incubator of Breton talent. Driven by the exceptional culinary heritage of his region, the chef honours the network of men and women who supply his kitchen every day. Carefully selected, from the honey producer to the fisherman, they all share his vision of the profession: locally sourced food, without any impact on the environment. The abalone offered on the menu is therefore farmed and lovingly fed with handpicked seaweed. The restaurant has its own greenhouses and vegetable garden. The team has been working on living organisms, bacteria and maturation, and the establishment will see the opening of a fermentation laboratory. Nicolas Conraux goes even further: for his preparations, he uses filtered water and arranges his employees’ timetables to allow them to practise yoga, relaxation, etc.

La Butte

La Ferme de Port-Coustic • The Unlikely Vineyards

Making wine on the island of Groix is the adventure that Noémie Vallélian and Mathieu Le Saux decided to undertake in 2019. This 14 km2 piece of land is home to two newly planted vineyards. In the south, one of them dominates the cove of Locmaria and its boats. The other, to the east, borders the beach path and the Port Coustic barn. Chenin, grolleau and other varieties planted with the help of a horse. The first harvest is in a few years. In the meantime, the ferme de PortCoustic produces cider, apple juice, vinegar and spirits typical of Brittany, such as Lambig, Court Jus or Chouchen.

Ferme de Port-Coustic

Follow Ondine Morin • The daughter of Ushant island

Ondine would not imagine living anywhere else than on this sentinel island, the last confetti of France before America. Native of the island, Ondine Morin is a fisherwoman in Ouessant. With her husband, they practice responsible fishing that respects the environment. Alongside her first job, Ondine invites visitors to follow in her footsteps to discover her island. Immersions in the heart of the heritage of Ouessant following a dozen themes: tales and legends of the island, lighting of the lighthouses, edible seaweed foraging, etc. A chance to see Ouessant through the eyes of a local


Meet Quémènes island’s farmers • An off grid island out of time

On this piece of land, near Molène in the Iroise Sea, is an organic energy self-sufficient farm. Discover the island and the farm. Meet Amélie and Etienne, the only inhabitants of the island, who produce vegetables and raise rustic Breton sheep. Staying on Quéménès island is a timeless experience. Conviviality and simplicity for a rejuvenating stay close to nature. You will appreciate the tranquility of the place, enjoy the sense of freedom that islanders cherish, and if you wish, give yourself the luxury of tasting boredom, and fell the full power of the elements that make Quéménès so special.

Quémènes Island’s farmer

Grain de Sail • The Pioneer of Modern Cargo Sailboat

This is a great sea story where organic wines, coffees, chocolates and awesome people come together. Grain de Sail was founded in 2010 by twin brothers Olivier and Jacques Barreau. They shared the same bold vision: to select, produce and sell gastronomic products to cross Atlantic consumers using the world’s first modern cargo sailboat. On the first leg of the journey, Grain de Sail ships organic and biodynamic French wines to New York City. Then, they sail down to Central America to load up on organic coffee and cocoa beans before returning home to Brittany, where Grain de Sail roasts the coffee and make fine chocolates. The Chocolate Factory in Morlaix is open to the public. Come see how chocolate is made and discover the work of Grain de Sail employees. You can even create your own chocolate bar!

Grain de Sail


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