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From Plougonvelin to Plouzané

Departure: Pointe of Créac’h

Arrival: Sainte-Anne du Portzic

Before arriving at Brest bay, you’ll follow the coast line, which appears to soften.  Trez-Hir bay and Bertheaume bay reveal their charms and surfing spots. Rising from the moor, forts and military vestiges peacefully keep guard. Petit Minou lighthouse rises up on its tip. It watches over the Goulet de Brest, a strait linking Brest bay to the Atlantic Ocean. From the cornice trail, the bay unfolds with Ile Longue in sight. In the distance, you can see the ballet of boats leaving the ports and the white façades of the arsenal town.

Your legs have done all the work so far, what about the arms?

Answer: sea rowing! In Bertheaume Bay, join a rowing crew* for a sporty outing to the rhythm of the oars. This discreet approach is ideal for spotting seals or dolphins. Are you a solo artist at heart? Hire your equipment in advance from Brest Bretagne nautisme.

* subject to booking and availability

   Intermediate to skilled level

16 km – Around 4h30 of walking

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All of these restaurants are accessible by taxi.

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