Plévenon le Cap Fréhel, Anse du CroasPlévenon le Cap Fréhel, Anse du Croas
©Plévenon le Cap Fréhel, Anse du Croas|Yannick Le Gal
Road trip from Cancale to Perros‑Guirec

Six days in northern Brittany, on the east coast

How about an energising break to recharge your batteries? From Mont-Saint-Michel to Saint-Brieuc bay via Saint-Malo, the open air is there for the taking! On the way, you’ll come across elegant seaside resorts, little fishing harbours and medieval cities. The highlight is a coastline shaped by incredible pink granite rocks!

Mont Saint-Michel – Saint-Malo

Estimated time travel: 65 km – 1h30 by car

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   Starting from Mont-Saint-Michel bay

You’ll enjoy incredible views across the bay, the polders and the salt meadows. You’ll explore rocky headlands overlooking the emerald-coloured sea before arriving on the ramparts of the privateer city of Saint Malo, where you’ll get a taste of its lifestyle in the evening.

04 Step 04

Sleep in Saint-Malo

Drop off your luggage, and if you’ve got any energy left make the most of the generous evening light to go around the ramparts or breathe in the air along Sillon beach. Place Chateaubriand is ideal for a little aperitif on the terrace. And for dinner, you’ll be spoilt for choice with crêperies, bistros or gourmet restaurants!

Where to sleep in Saint-Malo

Saint-Malo – Saint-Lunaire

Estimated time travel: 22 km – 47 minutes by car

01 Step 01

   Starting from Saint-Malo

You’ve got the whole day in front of you to fill up on the treasures of the privateer city and then linger on the Emerald Coast and its gems, where three seaside towns with British charm are waiting for you. On the menu: turquoise water, chic villas and fine sandy beaches. It never ages!

Saint-Malo – Erquy

Estimated time travel: 85 km – 1h50 by car

01 Step 01

   Starting from Saint-Malo

After all that shopping, those gourmet breaks and discovering the history of the privateer city, it’s now time to get to know Rance and Dinan, one of the most beautiful medieval cities. Back on the coast, head for these iconic sites with breath-taking views. You’ll be blown away!

04 Step 04

Arrival and night in Erquy

Just before going down to the village, stop for a while on the corniche. The view of Saint-Brieuc bay is superb. For dinner, opt for fresh fish at the harbour with a view of the little white lighthouse with a red top.

Where to sleep in Erquy

Where to sleep in Pléneuf-Val André

Erquy – Saint-Brieuc

Estimated time travel: 40 km – 55 minutes by car

01 Step 01

   Starting from Erquy

On today’s programme: a walk in nature along the (very beautiful) Saint-Brieuc bay, the largest nature reserve in Brittany. On the way, between the rocky coast and the large beaches, you’ll discover the resort of Pléneuf-Val-André and Dahouët harbour, a little haven of peace where ships used to leave for Newfoundland and Iceland.

Saint-Brieuc – Paimpol

Estimated time travel: 65 km – 1h30 by car

01 Step 01

   Starting from Saint-Brieuc

Have you still got a mouthful of chocard, the little apple turnovers made from puff pastry? We don’t want to hurry you, but it’s time to get this day started, which promises to be full of charm, starting with the lovely Binic harbour! From Saint-Quay-Portrieux to your arrival in Paimpol, you’ll stay on the Goëlo coast with its exceptional natural heritage by the ocean.

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Our tips

• A (very beautiful) walk on the GR®34 towards the east will take you close to the vestiges of Beauport Abbey. Its pink sandstone and green shale façade shimmers in the light. We love it.
• It’s the ideal opportunity to taste fresh and noble products: depending on the season, enjoy the pearly flesh of a scallop, a Loguivy blue lobster and oysters from the sea farm, or the soft Cocos de Paimpol beans. Bon appétit!
• Where to sleep? In Ploubazlanec, if possible. Admiring the Bréhat archipelago from your bedroom window is a priceless little luxury.

Where to sleep in Paimpol                         Where to sleep in Ploubazlanec

Paimpol – Perros-Guirec

Estimated time travel: 63 km – 1h40 by car

01 Step 01

   Starting from Paimpol

The grand finale, with the Pink Granite Coast in sight! On this part of the route, the sea will never be far away on the calm and peaceful Ajoncs coast, between Plougrescant et Port-Blanc. Aim to arrive in Perros for the end of the afternoon to admire the highlighted colours and textures.

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