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A seaside village with multiple facets and a unique history

The name of the resort evokes the beach, a gentle climate, a unique setting, eternal style, etc. In the middle of the 1920s, man and nature came together to shape a beautiful coastline. Today, we can admire historical seaside heritage and enjoy open-air activities on an authentic coastline. After your initial discovery, you’ll find many surprises in store.

Discover Sables-d’or-les-pins

From 1922 to 1924, on Minieu beach, two developers seeking harmony enhanced the dunes, the sea and the woods. Rising out of the sand in the 1920s, two architectural styles still blend into the coastal landscape. Walking through the avenues, you can compare the charms of the Anglo-Norman villas and the Art Deco properties. Between pine trees and low walls, cornices, mosaics and bow windows captivate the eyes. The outdoor theatre received and still receives famous guests in the summer. Hotels, holiday resorts and gardens were the holiday homes of the stars of the time, facing the sea and its islands.

The beach, the finest gem during your stay

The biggest star is undoubtedly this immense fine sandy beach, one of the most beautiful in Brittany. A place of contemplation and animation, it was born of a vast dune sculpted by the winds, the swell and the dreams of men.  Its expanse and its curves that break the waves make it a wonderful playground for land sailing, kite surfing and wind surfing. There are so many activities to admire or take part in close to or on the emerald green/blue water. The beach continues on a sandy and rocky arrow that connects Saint-Michel and its chapel to the continent. This destination can be reached on foot at low tide.

The lagoon bridge

Hikers can discover other gems on the coast and behind the conifers. As the routes move away from the sea, they meander among fields and moors.  On the former « Erquy Matignon » railway line, the V4 green route leads to an unusual place. A few steps from the well-organised streets, the lagoon marsh rustles to the rhythm of the tides. Like a maritime lake surrounded by sand banks, this surprising patch of nature features endemic vegetation. On the path, the Marais bridge offers a unique view of life in the lagoon.

Did you know

A hymn to holidays

When the singer from Rennes, Etienne Daho, crooned « A Sables d’Or près des dunes » in 1985, he was singing about the same beach on Côte d’Armor. The song shows how the site reflects the holiday atmosphere, with a stylish and romantic aspect.

To the capes!

On foot on the GR 34 or on bike (electric if you like!), alternating between the green route and little roads, other circuits reveal colourful landscapes. Villages, pink-veined rocks, turquoise blue horizons and sun-bleached dunes come one after the other. At Cap d’Erquy and Cap Fréhel, the coast takes on a new dimension. High cliffs plunge into the sea, inviting you to share the spectacular panorama with the birds.

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