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The Lac au Duc

A noble setting for flora, fauna and leisure activities

Created by monks in the 12th century, the Lac au Duc (Duke’s Lake) is the greatest of  Brittany’s inland lakes. Its 250 hectares stretch between Ploërmel, Taupont and Loyat. Fishermen, walkers, keen botanists and nature lovers all draw inspiration from this vast, lush, watery kingdom.

Discover The Lac au Duc

Measuring around 5.5 km by 500-900 m, the Lac au Duc is surrounded by a variety of different natural habitats and wetlands. If you watch carefully  you might be lucky enough to see otters, frogs or deer. Fishermen come here to catch pike, pike perch, black bass and perch, etc. It’s not unusual to land really big fish, which is why this lake is one of the best places in France for long pole fishing. In these mysterious waters, you might even think you’ve spotted the mythical ‘vouivre’, the marsh monster that was killed by a monk called Armel, or so the legend goes.

Follow those hydrangeas

The climate and soil are ideal for hydrangeas, the flowering shrub that’s so emblematic of Brittany. There’s a 3 km walk round the edge of the lake in their honour. As you follow the Hydrangea Walk, your progress will be coloured by 5,300 plants, representing several hundred different varieties. From spring to autumn the palette changes, passing through every shade of the traditional pinks and blues; this botanical collection is unique in the region.

On foot, on two wheels – or on eight!

On the riverbanks where washerwomen used to do their work, people now come to relax in the great outdoors, have a picnic, go for a run, play golf… Walkers can take on the challenge of the 15 km path around the lake. Cyclists and roller-skaters generally prefer the V3 greenway, higher above the lake. The surfaced cycle track, laid over a disused railway line, runs next to the lake for a while, before heading back to Brocéliande.

Did you know

A giant catch

The reason why so many people try long pole fishing in the Lac au Duc, both during the day and at night, is that they remember the record catch that was registered here: a superb common carp weighing 21 kg!

On inland waters

On the sunny side of the lake is a sailing club that offers lessons for  beginners and improvers. Windsurfers, dinghies, catamarans and kayaks share this huge playground, which is ideal for beginners. Water-skiers and wakeboarders are there too, and the spectators get as much fun from watching them slice through the waves as they do themselves. This is a real inland haven for watersports!

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