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Bon‑Repos Abbey

When religious heritage and contemporary art come together

The story of Bon-Repos Abbey is a great one! Founded in the 12th century, it became prosperous before slowly falling into ruins. It was restored by a group of enthusiasts and now hosts contemporary art exhibitions.

Discover Bon‑Repos Abbey

The setting is idyllic. At the heart of Quénécan forest, on the banks of the Blavet, the Cistercian abbey of Bon-Repos stands proudly. Do you know about its legend? It is said that, while hunting in the region, Alan III de Rohan saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary, who asked him to create an abbey on the site. He did as instructed and Bon-Repos was founded in 1184. It was sold as a national property during the Revolution and was in ruins when a group of enthusiasts decided to bring it back to life in 1986.

Twenty years later…

After nearly 20 years of work, Bon‑Repos Abbey reopened to the public. Only vestiges of the 13th-century church remain, but the 18th-century buildings and the cloister are worth a look. They now host contemporary art exhibitions.

Did you know

Good game

The 3,000 hectares of Quénécan forest are full of game. Along with wild boar and deer, it is one of few places in Brittany with stags. You might be lucky to see one.

Head to the moors

Make the most of a stop at the abbey to discover the surrounding nature. Walk the Daoulas gorges route for over one kilometre. Look around you, it’s like an alpine landscape! The steep GR 341 path then goes towards the Liscuis moors, where ridges and covered alleys are equally beautiful.

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