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Les Gorges du Corong

A huge jumble of mythical boulders

Nestling deep in the Côtes d’Armor, near Locarn, the Corong Gorges are a spectacular landscape to behold. You can reach these Gorges, through which the River Follezou flows, from the moors. On arrival, the river disappears from sight under a huge jumble of boulders steeped in legend: you can feel the magic of the place!

Experience the Corong Gorges

Venture into Duault forest, below the Locarn moors, and you’ll spy some giant granite boulders, the most famous of which is the aptly named Chaos of Corong. This dramatic rock formation truly is one of nature’s wonders, the result of years of erosion. Groups of French counter-revolutionaries (‘Chouans’) once sought refuge here. These days, they set the scene for a glorious walk in springtime, when daffodils and columbines carpet the riverbanks in a riot of colour.

All because of a stone in your shoe?

These boulders have inspired a legend, and little wonder given the chaos! It is said that this massive pile of rocks was created when a giant called Boudédé, passing by the stream, shook out the stones that had been bothering him in his shoe. Take your time exploring this striking nature spot amidst the moss and bracken. It makes for a gorgeous walk!

Did you know

Twins set in stone

Dotted through the forest are countless megaliths, including the famous menhirs (standing stones) known as the ‘Twins of Kerroux’. The Gouaremou dolmens and the standing stone known as ‘Dent de Saint Gervais’ are also worth a visit.

Look! An otter!

The forest is home to an abundance of wildlife. At night, its resident otters like to venture out. This marine mammal has recognisable thick brown fur which protects it from the cold. Nearly a third of France’s thousand or so otters live in the North-West. Time to get your binoculars out! Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to spot one!

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