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A land of emotions

Arising from the ocean, Sein island promises numerous encounters. Encounters with yourself among the fields of pebbles, encounters with nature on the moors swept smooth by the wind, encounters with the warmth of the islanders who casually mix with visitors arriving on the quays lined with colourful houses.

Discover Sein

A single line runs along the horizon over a distance of just 1.8 km, roughly 8 km from Pointe du Raz. But Sein island never goes unnoticed. Enez-Sun (its Breton name) is full of character. Exposed to the wind and the waves, bathed in bright summers, it is a unique and extraordinary place, otherworldly and of a different time. The inhabitants stick to it like limpets, demonstrating independence and solidarity.

The field of stones

The sense of wonder begins before landing at the bottom of the green and white lighthouse. From Audierne, the crossing follows the cliffs of Cap Sizun, revealing Pointe du Raz in a new angle and leaving Vieille lighthouse in its wake. Once on land, the first thing you will notice are the pink, yellow and blue colours of the buildings on Quai des Paimpolais. Some are bistros where lobster is eaten with the fingers. Behind the dyke and the first line of buildings, the houses snuggle together in winding alleys to thwart the wind. Some of the alleys are no wider than 85 cm! Just enough for a barrel!

Beyond the port, the moor stretches out (culminating at 6 metres), sometimes immersed by the high tides. Not a tree stands on this bare wilderness. Only stone walls emerge, sheltering tiny crops. In front of the rocks sculpted by erosion, the Grand Phare lighthouse also seems to watch over the charming Saint-Corentin chapel. It was home to a statue of the saint, whose crook was turned in the direction of the desired winds by the sailors.

Did you know

Who pays what?

Colbert exempted the people of Sein from property tax, considering that their conditions were already difficult enough due to the fierce nature of the island.

Everyday heroes

The people of Seins were not afraid to brave the elements; they were skilled sailors attached to their freedom and they used these qualities in rescues and in the Resistance. After the call of 18 June 1940, the 150 valiant men of the island joined General de Gaulle. That’s nearly a quarter of the first volunteers!

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