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Medieval city with a thousand years of history

At the gateway to Brittany, take time to explore the fascinating medieval period in Vitré, with its castle and its charming old streets and restored half-timbered houses. If the 17th century is more your kind of thing, you’ll appreciate the influence of the Marquise de Sévigné on the region.

Discover Vitré

Sitting atop its rocky spur, Vitré castle dominates the surrounding countryside. Built in the 11th century and then rebuilt in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries, it is a reminder of the town’s defensive role in the border region of Brittany. The pretty medieval city has lost nothing of its prestige gained during the glorious period of the cloth trade. Elaborate porches and half-timbered residences are among the architectural beauties that still bear witness today to the town’s rich past.

Marquise, oh marquise…

The region of Vitré is closely linked to the history of the Marquise of Sévigné. A famous 17th-century writer, she lived and wrote a lot of her letters just a few kilometres from here, in the splendid Rochers-Sévigné castle. If you love formal French-style gardens, go and take a look. The gardens here were created according to the sketches of the talented Le Nôtre.

Did you know

Vitré in light

When night falls, Vitré presents a new face, bathed in light. A subtle palette of white highlights the town’s architectural beauties, sometimes interrupted by explosions of colours from an animation or interactive game. Everywhere, projected images spotlight a remarkable monument, decorate a plain wall, create perspectives and guide you through the city. A poetic and surprising journey between the past, present and future.
Vitré lights

Lower the drawbridge!

You can’t talk about Vitré without mentioning its impressive castle. Sorry, castle? Rather a fortress whose mission was to defend the entrance to Brittany. This very fine example of Middle Age military architecture in Brittany is now a town hall and museum and definitely worth the detour!

What shouldn’t you miss?

  • The castle and the museum.
  • Promenade du Val, the city walls and Tour de la Bridole
  • The medieval houses in Rue d’En-Bas, Rue de la Baudrairie, Rue de la Poterie and Rue Notre-Dame
  • The mansion houses: Hôtel Ringues de la Troussannais, Hôtel du Bol d’Or… Notre-Dame church and its outdoor pulpit
  • The Benedictine priory
  • Saint-Pierre postern (gate)
  • La Vilaine river: Pré des Lavandières…
  • The views from Tertres Noirs and Place de la Victoire
  • The Rachapt district
  • The gardens
  • Rochers-Sévigné castle-museum
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