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A picturesque town steeped in mediaeval history

The charming little town of Moncontour is a recognised Petite Cité de Caractère®, and for good reason! Perched on a hilltop, surrounded by its ramparts, you won’t be surprised to learn that it is one of France’s most beautiful villages. What a joy it is to explore its pretty streets imbued with mediaeval charm, its rich counter-revolutionist and textile history and peaceful countryside setting.

Experience Moncontour

Located where the River Evron meets the Ruisseau de l’Etang stream, Moncontour played a significant military role back in the 12th century. This was when it was a key defensive location for the powerful lords of Penthièvre. After surviving sieges and attacks, the town turned towards the cloth trade, exporting its wares to Spain and as far afield as the Indies! Wander through its cobbled streets and admire the grand old town houses and residences still standing from the days when these wealthy merchants lived here. The Clézieux and Kerjégu buildings (the latter is now the town hall) are just two elegant examples.

Walks with views

Head down Route des Granges, along the small dirt track on your right and you will reach a hillock in the trees. This is a prime observation point for looking over the town and the north side of this remarkable architectural site. In summer, treat yourself to breathtaking views over the outskirts of the town on a stroll through the mediaeval-inspired Hildegarde garden. And before you go, step inside St Mathurin’s church. It has an 18th-century façade and a curious 20th-century bell tower, but the true beauty lies within. Its 16th-century stained-glass windows are among the most exquisite in Brittany!

Did you know

So many castles!

La Touche-Tréby, Catuelan, Le Colombier, Les Granges and Bogar… There are no fewer than five different castles between Moncontour, Hénon and Quessoy. All set within scenic grounds, each of them is worth a visit.

The surrounding countryside

There are some lovely country walks to be had around here, amidst hillsides, footpaths, woodland and moors. From Moncontour, head up the wooded track that leads to Notre-Dame-du-Haut Chapel. After a 20-minute walk, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views over the town.

Main points of interest

  • The church of Saint-Mathurin (16th century)
  • The 13th century ramparts and towers, remains of the castle
  • The narrow streets and alleys lined with granite or half-timbered mansions
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