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Suscinio and the Rhuys peninsula

Constant appeal

The Dukes of Brittany appreciated this strip of land and sand which closes the Gulf of Morbihan. The often sunny Rhuys peninsula changes from marshes to rocky coasts, quiet ports to gentle beaches. Port-Navalo is full of surprising contrasts.

Discover Suscinio and the Rhuys peninsula

More than 10 km long and on average 2 km wide, the Rhuys peninsula hugs the south of the Gulf of Morbihan. The southern side has wonderful ocean-facing beaches, while the north is divided into multiple recesses, saving its charms for visitors curious enough to discover them. To the east, the oyster farms form a criss-cross pattern in Pénerf river. These different atmospheres attracted the dukes before appealing to tourists and boaters.

Castle life on the water’s edge

Château de Suscinio reveals itself at the last minute around a bend between pretty thatched houses. Its location is surprising: the castle, surrounded by marshes and woods, boasts a “sea view”, or more correctly a view of Landrezac cove. In the 13th century, Suscinio was a priory around which developed an agricultural estate.  It grew thanks to the Dukes of Brittany who established the first manor there. It was then modified and extended to become the vast princely residence that we can see today. At the time, it was the favourite residence of the Dukes of Brittany and of Anne of Brittany. Its vast enclosure is circled with a moat and flanked by six towers. Travel through history by visiting the Grand Lodge, the parapet walk, the 15th-century accommodation and an extraordinary medieval pavement.

Did you know

Where to stop?

With 1,400 moorings, Le Crouesty is one of the largest ports on the Atlantic coast. Enthusiasts meet here for the Mille-Sabords, a second-hand boat show.

Paradise on the edge of the world

Many paths are dead-ends. But follow them anyway: at the end, there will probably be a little port, sailing boats moored up, a cove surrounded by gorse, a view of the islands in the Gulf… Port-Navalo offers impressive views, particularly of the Gulf and the ocean. The calmer Pen-Castel tide mill is one of the most attractive in Brittany, and Logeo port has soothing vibes. Higher up, Caesar’s mound is a tumulus where Julius Caesar is said to have watched the naval battle against the Venetians. It’s a great look-out spot. More recent, the Saint-Gildas abbey church houses some wonderful treasure. The gardens of Château de Kerlevenan are open to the public.

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