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The promise of heritage sites for a fun discoveryGive an understanding of the history of a place through play

The promise of heritage sites for a fun discovery

Make ancestral and cultural riches accessible to everyone, use play to stimulate the interest of children and adults in a site or building steeped in history: that is the challenge set by Breton professionals. Through events, historical testament and dedicated staff

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Picto Pros Engagés

These professional establishments recommended by the Brittany Tourist Board are committed to providing a range of dedicated services to meet your expectations during your stay in Brittany.


To promote their heritage in original and fun ways, the selected sites propose:

  • a clear and accurate website where you can find practical information and news
  • approachable and available staff contactable by email or by telephone

On site, you will appreciate

  • the treasure hunt*, the paper chase* or the escape game* in a heritage site (building or village)
  • the “scientific” content of the talk and/or itinerary based on historical facts (photos/archives/local historians)
  • an oral presentation of the game and/or a paper document/digital support/display signs
  • supervision by qualified personnel
  • renewal of the activity (theme, décor, scenario) at least every 2-3 years

The “heritage advantages”

Some buildings/sites are:

  • on the Historical Monuments list or register
  • classified as being of exceptional or remarkable interest as a Remarkable Heritage Site (SPR)

Some buildings/sites are:

Some establishments also propose:

  • opening of the site out of season
  • English-speaking staff
  • payment with holiday vouchers


* Treasure hunt: this is a series of clues (or games) to be solved in any order. The set of clues (or part of it) designates the exact location of the treasure.

* Paper chase: this involves following a course, starting at a specific place, with clues along the way (or games) which indicate the next hiding places. The aim is to reach the final location.

* Escape game: outdoor escape game.

* Murder party: type of outdoor role-playing game.


Discover which sites propose “fun heritage” events

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