Gourmet walk

The delights of the land and the sea around Saint-Malo

All year long

From the sea to the land, this trip between Saint-Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel bay promises some tasty treasures. Traditional churned butter in the city of Saint-Malo, oysters rocked by the biggest tides in Europe in Cancale and a cider awarded many times over. You’ll be asking for more!

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10:30 – Shopping in Saint-Malo

Welcome to Saint-Malo! Go through Saint-Vincent gate and treat yourself to a morning’s shopping. The privateer city has lots of lovely boutiques and trendy concept stores. Amble through its little streets and pick up decorative items or craft jewellery; discover the new collections of well-known Breton brands; give in to a local delicacy… From bags made from sailcloth to the 100% made-in-France sailor top, via spices, butter and kouign-amann, you’re sure to find something you like. And it’s even open on Sundays!

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LUNCH – Crepes and churned butter

Take a seat in Comptoir Breizh Café and take your taste buds on a journey from Brittany to Japan. Here, the crepes are eaten folded into squares with “andouille de Guémené” or rolled and cut maki-style with shiitake mushrooms… along with other methods. Wash down with a good organic cider. Prices : €€ – €€€

At Bistro Autour du beurre, taste the famous and traditional churned Bordier butter made with seaweed, buckwheat, Roscoff onion, smoked salt, etc. and used in appetizers or local and seasonal dishes. Prices : €€ – €€€

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3pm – Stroll through the Cancale oyster farms

Meet at the oyster market, on Houle port in Cancale. Inga, from Ostreika, will take you on a walk, at low tide, through the oyster farms. Put your boots on and follow your guide to the breeding tables. Lift up the bags, tap them with a stick, sort the oysters: discover the tasks of an oyster farmer, which Inga knows well. Don’t leave without tasting this Cancale oyster, famed for its salty hazelnut taste. In the distance, Mont-Saint-Michel is keeping its eyes on you!

View the calendar for the dates. Booking required.
This activity depends on the tide times.
From €7

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5.30pm – Stock up on / Taste craft and award-winning ciders

Continue your escapade in Plerguer where Cidre Sorre has been made for three generations based on a traditional method. Enter the boutique to discover the wide range of award-winning products for sale. Certified IGP Bretagne, Sorre ciders are made only with local apples, from the family orchard or purchased from local producers. A video explains all the steps of processing: from crushing to fermentation in a vat. How do you like it? Brut, doux, rosé, Guillevic, etc. Try before you buy!

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Free entrance and tasting

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6.30pm – Stroll through the streets of Saint-Suliac

On the way back, you really must stop in Saint-Suliac, one of the loveliest villages in France, nestled on the banks of the Rance. Lose yourself in the little streets of this former fishing village, admires the arched doorways, the windows with lintels and statues of the Virgin Mary embedded in the stone of the old houses… The “ruette des petits puits” will take you to the port. There, you can watch the sun as it sets over the Rance. It’s magical!

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In addition to your gourmet walk

Our shopping ideas


This spice company is pretty famous by now! Find Épices Roellinger in their warehouse-shops in Cancale and Saint-Malo and take a trip around the world in terms of smell and taste. You will receive tips and hints to help you season your cuisine.

The speciality of Grain de Vanille in Cancale is the millefeuille made with bourbon vanilla. Try a “galette cancalaise” by Olivier Roellinger® too – it’s a fruit and spice cake -, as well as other delights in this popular tea room.


Enter the Maison du Beurre in Saint-Malo, the lair of Jean-Yves Bordier, “the” master butter-maker. In the shop, you can buy the excellent butter and also discover how it is churned and then pounded with wooden paddles to give it the texture for which it is so well known.


Go into Maison du Sarrasin in Saint-Malo, a delicatessen that stocks numerous buckwheat-based products: flour, crepes, shortbread, savoury or sweet cakes, pasta and even honey!

Salt meadow lamb

For exceptional salt meadow lamb, go to the Doloise butchers in Dol de Bretagne, one of only few with the AOC label for its lamb meat.

Bouchot mussels

In Cherrueix, on the road to Mont-Saint-Michel, Poissonnerie Chistrel sells, direct from the producer, bouchot mussels, oysters, periwinkles, whelks, crabs, and more. They will prepare a seafood platter for you on order.
You can also buy mussels directly at the port in Vivier-sur-Mer


Find the different vintages of Cidre Sorre and also traditional apple juices, on the site where they have been produced for three generations, in Plerguer. Combine with Breton products to make lovely gift boxes.


At Maison des Produits du Terroir in Cherrueix, discover all the food specialities of Mont-Saint-Michel bay and go home with many recipe ideas too.


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