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Enchanted nights in Brittany

Brittany's summer evenings in celebration

In Brittany, when the sun sets in the summer, a whole palette of nocturnal shows begins. Illuminated lighthouses, sound and light shows: it’s the opportunity to discover pieces of heritage in a new light.

In the blink of an eye

1. Night-time light shows over the Iroise Sea

Pointe Saint-Mathieu lighthouse, Plougonvelin 

Come nightfall, beams of light dance at the headland of Pointe Saint-Mathieu, overlooking the Iroise Sea. This is the best place to see them! Here are three star ideas for a dazzling evening you won’t forget: a nocturnal tour of the lighthouse on Thursday evenings. A guided walk along the coast, to unlock all the secrets of the area’s mythical lighthouses. Or be regaled with stories as you explore the ruins of Saint-Mathieu Abbey, for ages 5 and up. Magical!

Where to sleep:

Pointe Saint-Mathieu lighthouse

2. Magical night at Suscinio castle

Sarzeau, Rhuys peninsula 

The day is over. As blankets are unfolded, the early evening’s entertainment comes to an end… when suddenly, a voice rises in the night. At Domaine de Suscinio, one of the best sound and light shows in the region is starting. The colourful journey will take you through eight centuries of history, from the Rhuys peninsula to the whole of Brittany. Special effects, light shows, the finale: it will take a few hours for the 21st century to resurface. Gently!

Wheer to sleep:

Suscinio castle

3. Kergroadez by candlelight


At Domaine de Kergroadez, 20 km from Brest, a nocturnal event adds a new dimension to the site. Discover the rooms of one of the biggest Renaissance castles in Finistère and meet artists, storytellers and musicians. Stroll through the alleys where the shadows come to life by candlelight: this summer, for a few special nights, darkness enhances the visit.  The unique experience will transport you to another place, to a festive evening in a castle. Let the magic work!

Where to sleep:

Kergroadez Castle

4. Investigation, theatre and feasting in Quintin

Quintin Castle

The murder parties are back in this little gem of Breton heritage, 15 minutes from Saint-Brieuc! Four nights a week, take part in a life-size investigation game. Open to everyone from the age of 10, it gives budding detectives the chance to discover an incredible setting while having fun. You can also get a taste for castle life with a candlelit dinner every Saturday. After the meal, you will visit the inside of the castle with the owner of the site. A special moment! Lastly, on Mondays the shadows spring to life and share their past… Meet the castle’s symbolic figures during tours with costumed characters.

Where to sleep:

Quintin Castle

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