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Five family snorkelling outingsDiscover the marine environment just under the water's surface

Five family snorkelling outings

You can set out to discover what’s under the sea with children! With the supervision of certified instructors, children from the age or 7 or 8 can take part in undersea adventures.  Equipped with wetsuits, fins, goggles and snorkels, enjoy the experience to your heart’s content.


Get your fins out in Audierne Bay!

Audierne Plongée

Departing from Esquibien in Audierne Bay, you will explore different marine environments. Silently and still, under the watchful guidance of Laura, observe sole and cuttlefish as they skim over the powdery seabed. A little further, shellfish lurk in a seaweed forest. Did you see the bass or the wrasses in the rocks? What about the strange quivering of the sea anemones? This gentle initiation is ideal before venturing into scuba diving. Accessible from the age of 8, equipment provided.

Discover the bed of the Iroise sea from the surface

Club Léo Lagrange

After just a short boat trip (15 minutes) from Camaret, drop the anchor at a sheltered site and you’re off! Algae, starfish and wrasse parade among the rocks, under the amazed gaze of swimmers, from children to veterans.  The instructor points out sea urchins, sea slugs, anemones and more. If you’re lucky, a seal will come by to say hello. Accessible from the age of 8, equipment provided.

Set off to meet the seals on the Côte des Légendes

Sellor Nautisme

Head to Groix Island in a motor boat, from Larmor-Plage, at the heart of Pays de Lorient. You will plunge into the clear water north of the island, at Tahiti Beach. Observe the local flora – algae, anemones, eelgrass, sea cucumbers, etc. – with Mathieu who will answer children’s many questions.  In terms of wildlife, you will meet cuttlefish, sole, goby, starfish, sea urchins, shellfish and more. Come along with just your swimsuits and towel, the rest will be provided! From the age of 8.

Set off to meet the seals on the Côte des Légendes

Korejou Plongée

The adventure begins in Plouguerneau. During the boat crossing to the site where you will go into the water, admire the scenery dotted with rocky islands bathing in an intense blue sea. Once there, the shallow water will take you close to the local flora and fauna. You’ll see laminaria, schools of fish, shellfish and other curiosities. If the grey seals that often play nearby show up, your amazement will know no bounds.  But be careful to respect their tranquillity! From the age of 8, equipment provided.

Snorkelling outing in the Bay of Morlaix

Plougasnou Plongée

In this magical bay dotted with little islands, many wonderful sights await you. Flamboyant sponges, scallops, algae and eelgrass are just some examples of the fertile underwater fauna and flora. The place is also rich in historical and legendary sites: Château du Taureau, Pointe de Primel, etc. The islands of Batz or Callot offer up their exotic and wild shores for an exploration off the beaten track. Accessible from the age of 7. Equipment provided.

The “Balades et Randos nautiques” label ensures professional supervision, an activity that respects the environment and quality equipment provided directly on site. Whether you choose to canoe, sail, snorkel or stand up paddle, learn to navigate safely with a specialist.

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