A playlist made in Brittany

Put your headphones on and put your mind in travel mode: listen to the soundtrack of Brittany! Whether you like traditional, jazz or DJ music, today’s Breton music mixes every style and crosses borders. So take a break, press play, and turn up the sound to rediscover Breton artists!

©George Desipris - Unsplash

The soundtrack of Brittany

Did you know that Etienne Daho, Broken Back and Christine and The Queens are from the west of France? Dan Ar Braz, Tri Yann and Alan Stivell are essential figures of traditional Breton music. Miossec immortalises Brest and Yann Tiersen takes us a far as Ushant. Here is a 100% Breton playlist to discover the sound of Brittany. Breton music and songs by Breton artists to stream and play again and again!

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