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Top climbing spots!

Climb in a natural site in Brittany

Do you love climbing? Do you want to try climbing, the popular outdoor sport, while on holiday? Put on your harness and we’ll put you on the best routes for a shot of adrenaline and sublime views! Brittany rocks!

In the blink of an eye

1. Above the Iroise Sea

Pointe de Pen-Hir (29)

Put your climbing shoes on and take in the full view of the sheer cliffs of Pointe de Pen Hir, on the Crozon peninsular. Below, the Iroise Sea laps against the Armorican sandstone cliffs. Abseil down to the water… Off we go for a 70-metre ascent! Accessible to all levels, the Pen Hir spot has over one hundred bolted routes and many other traditional ones. There is a variety of holds – crimps, cracks, slopers – including on the easy routes. The experience is completed with the noise of the waves, the sea spray and the ocean breeze caressing your back.


2. On the sheer cliffs

l’Île aux Pies

This is one of the most popular spots in Brittany. Go to Bains-sur-Oust near Redon to reach the Île aux Pies cliffs. These granite cliffs rise to a height of 50 metres. Different sectors, such as “Afrique”, “Cabane” or “Margouillats” each offer something to have fun whatever your level. Beginners? Opt for an outing supervised by La Fédé. Experienced climber? Tackle the “Martiens”, some of the mythical routes on the site! At the summit, the views of the islands are wonderful. You can even see the birds that live there. In Saint-Vincent-sur-Oust, opt for an adventure with Escapades Verticales, which combines climbing with high-ropes courses, rope bridges, and zip wires. Extraordinary sensations guaranteed!

La Fédé

Escapades verticales

3. View of Mont-Saint-Michel bay

Mont Dol (35)

Ascend Mont-Dol, this little mount rising up in the middle of the marshes and which offers a breath-taking view of the entire Mont-Saint-Michel bay. How? It’s quite simple. Take the cliff routes, vestiges of the former granite quarries! The site has about one hundred routes on walls that vary in technicality. They are not too high or too steep for beginners and the quality of the rock is ideal for climbing enthusiasts. Here you can experience different types of climbing: vertical, slab or overhang, in the very place where the bones of mammoths and rhinoceroses and stone-age tools were found. You’re actually climbing on history!

Horizon sport nature

4. Bouldering to the rhythm of the tides

Kerlouan (29)

Piles of large rocks, shaped by the wind and the sea spray, scattered over nearly 6 km of coastline. For fans of bouldering, this is your spot! Kerlouan, at the tip of the northern Finistère, is “the” spot in Brittany for the discipline. There is even a festival, Blokuhaka, dedicated to the sport each year. In an exceptional setting of white sand and turquoise sea, you can make use of 2,000 open routes distributed over nine sectors. The biggest concentration is near Ménéham. The granite chaos of Crémiou is not too high and is perfect for beginners or children. A handy hint? Don’t forget to consult the tide times, otherwise you might get stuck on your rock!

Festival Blokuhaka

5. A combination of climbing, swimming, and leaping with coasteering

Le coasteering (22 et 29)

Not just climbing, but swimming too, and walking in the rocks and jumping in the sea… Why not take advantage of the summer to try coasteering? Co… what? Like canyoning, but on the coast, and the promise of a good shot of adrenalin! You can practise this on the high cliffs of Plouha (Côtes-d’Armor) or on the Crozon peninsular (Finistère). Wearing a wetsuit, life jacket and helmet firmly attached to your head, move along the coastline on the rocks, enter underwater caves, climb on the walls sculpted by the waves, etc. Once you’re at the top, you have to jump! Take a deep breath, keep your arms close to your body, take a good run-up and…. woo hoo!

Falaises d’Armor



It’s also possible to climb in the city! Practise on boulders and indoor routes at The Roof in Rennes and Brest, in the Modjo and Block’Out rooms in Rennes. Walls open to everyone.

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