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A family cycling holiday

A family cycling holiday

Discovering Brittany by bike, heading into the wind, is like a childhood dream. For a fun holiday and happy memories, use the easy and signposted routes, far from any cars, and enjoy the freshness and variety of the landscapes you will cross. Ready for happy times, fun and discovery with the family? Let’s go.

Who can go?

Everyone! Children love this form of transport and will find their pedalling legs without a problem. Thanks to the 2,000 km of routes and accessible accommodation, you are bound to find something to please you.

Young children can travel in a little trailer. It’s far more fun and comfortable than a child’s seat! Local bicycle hire firms have whatever you need.

From the age of seven (or sooner!), children ride their own bike. You can also choose the “third wheel” option to help them pedal. In any case, use the green routes wherever possible: they offer maximum safety.

How far to travel each day?

Start with short stages: 15 to 25 km per day is enough to not be discouraged and to enjoy this nomadic way of discovering Brittany. Adjust the stages depending on the age of your children.

Our tips

  • Go longer distances in the morning. You could pedal in the morning only, and keep the afternoons free for swimming and visiting!
  • Set off early to get the most out of the day and to have room for manoeuvre in the event of the unexpected.
  • Make frequent stops, to watch the seagulls or the ducks, have a picnic, etc.
    Do not over-estimate the stamina of your children, or your own. Use tow paths to avoid ascents!

How to kit out the adventurers?

  • You can hire bikes, or pick them up second-hand.
  • Check the size, quality and condition of the bikes and don’t forget to get a repair kit. Feel the tyres, check that the brakes are tightened.
  • It is compulsory for children under the age of 12 to wear a helmet, adapted to their size, whether they are on their own bike or passengers.
  • Take light luggage with you, stored away in the panniers, with minimum clothing.
    Don’t forget water and snacks.
  • And for the return leg, you could take the train. Remember to organise bike and/or luggage transfer.

Where to sleep.

Brittany is brimming with natural sites to explore, with rich fauna and flora, enchanted castles, etc. Therefore, expect to be happily tired, even if children are likely to perk up quickly! Guest rooms, lodges and camp sites with the “Accueil Vélo” label are clearly indicated and an ideal solution for a good night’s sleep. They are situated less than 5 km from the main Breton routes. A tip: book before your departure, if possible!

Safety guidelines

  • Always be careful on roads, at intersections and on bridges.
  • Tell your children the essential safety rules.
  • Follow the Highway Code (fr) : ride on the right, always look in front of you and stop before crossing a road.

Final tips before you take to the road

Make the most of your time in Brittany: visit the surrounding areas, take crêpe breaks for a well-deserved snack, and savour these holidays that take you away from your daily life!

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