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Taking the train with your bike

Brittany is particularly well served by train. With the opening of the High-Speed Line in July 2017, Rennes is just 90 minutes from Paris. Direct lines also allow you to reach Brittany without stopping or without going through Paris.
The main cities in Brittany are served by the TGV high-speed train, and with over 300 TER regional trains running each day, the Breton railway network allows you to reach the four corners of Brittany.

Can I travel by train with my bike? Is it free? Do I need to book?

Depending on the types of train (TGV, OuiGo, TER), the conditions for travelling with a bike vary:

by TGV high-speed train

Dismantled and transported in a specific cover with maximum dimensions of 120 x 90 cm, your bike is considered as hand luggage. You can therefore take it with you free of charge and without booking.

Not dismantled, your bike can be transported in specific places on some TGV lines. This service is charged (10 €) and only available by booking on sncf-connect.com

  • Enter your journey
  • Select the section: “Add a bike”

Dismantled bikes stored in a cover can be transported on OUIGO trains. You need to subscribe to the “additional luggage” option when buying your ticket. This option will cost €5 at the time of purchase, or €10 if you decide to add it later.

by TER regional train

New services for your bike

The number of bikes on-board BreizhGo regional trains has practically doubled in 10 years. Some regional rains are very busy during rush hour and some routes are in great demand, particularly in the summer. Due to this, it is not always possible to guarantee that a bike can be taken on board, as priority is given to transporting passengers. However, to ensure smooth journeys and to continue to take advantage of Brittany by bike, the Région Bretagne and the SNCF have been trialling several new options since June 2021.

A system for booking bike spaces

From 7 June 2021 and until 30 September 2021, the rules for taking bikes on BreizhGo regional trains are changing. Until now, it wasn’t possible to reserve a space for your bike. Since 7 June, occasional passengers with a non-folded bike can and must reserve a space for their bike, in addition to their passenger ticket. This booking costs €3 per item (non-folded bike and/or folded trailer) and per train. It does not concern passengers with subscriptions, who can continue to take their bike free-of-charge and without booking on their daily journeys, subject to available space.

Additional bike spaces

From 3 July to 29 August 2021, around one hundred trains per week will get 16 extra bike spaces. These trains will travel on the Rennes-St Malo, Rennes-Brest, Rennes-Quimper and Quimper-Nantes routes. On these trains, before getting on, cyclists who have booked their bike space give their bikes to an agent, who will load them into the dedicated bike area on the train.

Find all the details on: https://www.ter.sncf.com/bretagne/loisirs/velo-train/embarquement


Heading to the Quiberon Peninsula? Travel by Tire-Bouchon!

“Tire-bouchon” is a train that serves around ten stations between Auray and Quiberon. It circulates every day from the end of June to the end of August, as well as every weekend in June and the first two weekends of September. If you are tempted by the experience, choose your return journey carefully because bikes are only admitted at certain times.

To rent a bike, go to Plouharnel
Or the bike rental firm with the Accueil Vélo label in Quiberon


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