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Prepare your bike tour

Prepare your bike tour

Are you ready for an adventure? Explore Brittany by bike! Before experiencing the joys of the cycle routes, here are a few recommendations. Remember the most important thing: your trip is yours and nobody else’s. You set the pace so that your holidays and discoveries are always a pleasure.

Plan your route

Choose a route that suits your desires and your level of experience.

When to go?

Brittany by bike is great from spring to autumn! It’s not too hot or too cold. Off-peak, you’ll find more available accommodation.

How far to travel each day?

  • Is this your first time? Stages of 30 to 40 km per day are suitable for people with a normal state of health. Take time to appreciate the surroundings. It’s important to linger and visit!
  • What about speed? 10 kph is the ideal rhythm to fully enjoy the trip.
  • Start with short stages, then extend the distances and even the pace as you go.
  • Our advice if you are travelling with children

How to estimate the difficulty of a stage or a route?

On the maps of stages on the website, different information is provided to help you:

  • The technical description of the routes
  • The number of kilometres
  • The type of route: green route dedicated to soft transport, or route on a road
  • shared with motor traffic
  • The elevation of the stage

Which services are there around the routes?

The Brittany bicycle route maps provide information on the services close to the routes selected, such as:

  • tourist information offices
  • accommodation
  • bicycle renters and repairers
  • tourist sites

Our tips

  • Book your accommodation in advance and opt for accommodation with the Accueil Vélo label, adapted for welcoming cyclists.
  • Check the weather in advance to adjust your equipment and have a plan B up your sleeve.
  • Don’t forget that all-inclusive holiday solutions exist, where accommodation is
  • reserved, luggage is transported and the roadmap is provided. All you have to do is pedal!

Find your way

  • Buy a topo-guide or download the GPS tracks of the routes on your smartphone via an application or on a bike GPS.
  • Before leaving, and after heavy rain, for example, find out if the route is practicable.
  • Once on the way, follow the signposts.

Ride safely

  • Liability insurance is COMPULSORY before you leave.
  • Always be careful on roads, at intersections and on bridges. In summer in particular, there may be many of you using portions of the route.
  • Your safety is at stake, as well as the safety of others. On green routes, pedestrians have priority. Notify them of your presence.
  • Tell your children the essential safety rules and make sure they wear a helmet – it’s compulsory.
  • Follow the highway code (fr): ride on the right, always look in front of you and stop before crossing a road. Control your speed at all times. Give way to pedestrians, hikers and horse-riders. The watchword is: courtesy!
  • Your bike must be in good condition and properly equipped. Read our advice on choosing your bike.
  • At nightfall, don’t forget to wear a high-visibility jacket.

Read all information on safety rules and your bike’s equipment on the Road Safety website (fr).

In Brittany, travel responsibly

Calm, close to nature, with minimum carbon footprint, bicycle holidays truly minimise your impact on the environment. Enjoy these special moments; moments for sharing, respect and personal enrichment. You will have an unforgettable experience!

  • Protect the flora and fauna on your way
  • Stay on the signposted routes to avoid damaging vegetation
  • Use the rubbish bins provided along the way to dispose of your waste. If there are none, use your pockets or bags for packaging and other useless items.
  • Use the facilities provided along the route and respect recommendations and regulations
  • Buy local and seasonal products
  • Respect private property and crops
  • Respect the wild camping ban, unless the owner gives you their consent
Official website of tourism in Brittany