ARIN - Ferme marine paimpolaise

Oyster farming since 1947
Crafts and technical visits at Paimpol

ARIN - Ferme marine paimpolaiseARIN - Ferme marine paimpolaise
  • On its offshore farm in Paimpol, the Arin family has been farming fine oysters for several generations on a magnificent site which is open for tasting sessions with your feet firmly buried in the sand.

    From sea to plate, there is literally only one step that the offshore farm of Paimpol is not afraid to cross. Perched on a peninsula, along the Custom Officer’s Path, the farm has been overlooking the Paimpol bay for three generations of oyster farmers who have been sharing the same passion for the fresh local products. The oyster farm raises its baby oysters in its own capture enclosures in the Charente-Maritime area. But it is truly in Paimpol that they are patiently cultivated for three years. They are regularly turned in their parks as well as polished in the workshop to obtain a shell of quality. Between April and September, the farm runs an oyster bar where you can sample its produce. A wooden shed, a few tables scattered on the sand and a breathtaking view of the sea provide an ideal setting for family and friends to share a simple but special gourmet experience.
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