Parc du Râdome

A village for the insatiably curious.
Theme park at Pleumeur-Bodou

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  • The Parc du Radôme, on the Pink Granite Coast, combines three worlds of leisure and discovery on one site. Find out everything there is to know about optical illusions, the cosmos and our ancestors, the Gauls.

    What were things like in the past? How does that work? The Parc du Radôme, at Pleumeur-Bodou, supplies helpful and entertaining answers to children who ask questions about the world around them. Telecoms City puts on sound and light shows inside its large white dome, along with exhibitions and outdoor games devoted to new technologies. There are more than 50 optical illusions to try. In the Brittany Planetarium, you can gaze in wonder at the most beautiful starry sky in Europe in very high definition 3D beneath a 360° cupola. In the Gaulish Village, you can go back in time in a true to life setting, with around 20 original games inspired by our ancestors: Labyrinth, Chamboultou, the ram ball-thrower etc.
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