Zoo de la Boissière-du-Doré

Noah's Ark among the grapevines
Zoo - Wildlife park at La Boissière-du-Doré

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  • Nestled among the Nantes vineyards region, the Boissière du Doré zoo is situated in 19 hectares of landscaped grounds and is home to more than 600 animals from 5 different continents.

    This really is right out of a children’s storybook. From the meerkat to the white tiger, from the dwarf rabbit to the pink flamingo, all of Noah’s animals can be found at the Boissière du Doré zoological park. There are more than 600 specimens originating from all four corners of the globe. To discover the park, just follow the keepers that feed and look after the animals. In the semi-open enclosures you can come face to face with Barbary macaques, lemurs and some rebellious squirrel monkeys. In the Amazonian forest area (2000 m²) you can get a glimpse of toucans, tree frogs and iguanas. And don’t forget to check out the star of the zoo, the appropriately named Major, the oldest orang-utan in captivity in the whole of Europe. He’ll be annoyed if you don’t!
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