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Themed break

Among the legends in Brocéliande

Take a break from it all and discover the hot spots of the legend of King Arthur and the preserved natural sites of Brocéliande forest.

Suggestion for break in
3 days

At a glance

Forget about your everyday concerns, awaken your inner child and set off to discover a forest like no other. Here, magic surrounds you… around the lakes [inhabited by fairies], on the trails dominated by ancient trees, at the bottom of the megaliths that rise up from the moors, in the woods populated with cheeky elves… And the legend of King Arthur is prevalent, with ancestral tales told by your guides. Let your imagination run away with you and enjoy a host of activities for the family!

Open the Door of Secrets in Paimpont

Set your luggage down in the charming village of Paimpont and take time to absorb the peace and quiet. Set off on foot for a stroll around the lake that stretches to Notre-Dame Abbey. In summer, you can go all the way round and cross its peat bogs and wetlands populated with rare plants, including carnivorous plants.
It’s time to open the Door of Secrets! Arranged inside the abbey, this exhibition space offers a surprising tour and presentation: a physical and sensory immersion in the universe of Brocéliande. Listen to the sounds of the forest, creep through the Korrigans’ cave, discover the work and memories of the forest ranger and the blacksmith… A perfect introduction to the history and stories of Brocéliande.

If you have a free day:

  • Set off for an electric bike ride commented by Guillaume through Brocéliande forest. A breath of magical air and great fun!
  • With a storyteller-guide, discover the hot spots of the Valley of No Return, from the Golden Tree to Merlin’s Seat, passing through the Fairy Mirror, before reaching the Church of the Grail in Tréhorenteuc.

Let your imagination run wild from Concoret to Trémelin

Do you want to prolong your dreams in the Land of knights, dragons and other fantastic creatures? Get up early and go the Centre de l’Imaginaire Arthurien (Centre of the Legend of King Arthur). Installed at Comper Castle, on the edge of the lake of the Lady of the Lake, this exceptional site proposes exhibitions, storytelling walks, medieval shows and other surprises based on the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
After lunch, discover Trémelin Lake in your own way: on foot, mountain bike, horse-back, by canoe, electric bike, pedalo, etc. You can even discover it up in the trees if you’re brave! Before leaving, take a little tour of the beach. Excalibur, Arthur’s magical sword, is embedded in a rock here. Who can resist attempting to release it? 

  • In the middle of the forest, Trémelin Lake stretches over 45 hectares and proposes a huge variety of activities. There’s something for everyone!
  • Is it raining? Take refuge in Auberge des Voyajoueurs and play a game from among the over 800 board games here.

Listen to your senses!

After a good breakfast, go to Bréal-sur-Monfort in the Gardens of Brocéliande to awaken your feet. Yes, that’s right! Here, you can take part in extraordinary sensory experiences. With bare feet and a mask over your eyes, your head in the misty clouds or up in the trees, explore a variety of fun paths designed for the delight of children and adults. Laughter and sensations guaranteed!
Then, guided by the noise of a galloping horse, take the “Forêt Brécilienne” path. The atmosphere becomes mysterious… This is the Witch’s Garden, with potions and spells. Further on, you’ll need to shrink down to enter the Korrigans’ tree house and discover their crazy musical instruments. Give it a go!

  • The Gardens of Brocéliande is an adventure site in 24 hectares of greenery, with plant collections, sensory trails and fun activities.

We like!

  • The originality of the immersive experiences proposed by the cultural sites to plunge visitors into the heart of the legends.
  • The preserved beauty and the diversity of the natural sites in the forest and surrounding areas.

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