Discover Morlaix, its bay and its wondersBe surprised by the unique heritage and nature!
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Discover Morlaix, its bay and its wonders

Houses with curious staircases, churchyards containing treasures of sacred art, castles in the sea and gems of islands… Morlaix bay has plenty for you to marvel at!

Suggestion for break in
3 days

At a glance

Three days to discover the uniqueness of Morlaix bay. Starting with its exceptional heritage. Such as the half-timbered Pondalez houses that you won’t see anywhere else, the alleyways and its viaduct. Or its churchyards, with Saint-Thégonnec being the most beautiful example. At the heart of the bay, enjoy the gentle life of Carantec, try shore fishing on Callot island, sail to the fortress of Château du Taureau, etc. And don’t forget to admire the nature around you. It’s unique!

Visit Morlaix and Saint-Thégonnec churchyard

Take up residence in Morlaix. The town, built on three hills, can be visited on foot and has some lovely surprises hiding in its alleyways. The half-timbered “pondalez” houses are unique in Brittany and feature a moulded fireplace, a spiral staircase and overhangs called “ponts d’allée”, from which they get their nickname. They sit alongside lovely urban manor houses in shale and granite. Maison Pénanault is a beautiful example.
To observe the town from above, go up to the first floor of the railway viaduct. The view of the port, the town centre and the roofs of Morlaix is breath-taking.
In the afternoon, continue to Saint-Thégonnec churchyard. It’s the most superb in Brittany. Go through its triumphal gate, observe its ossuary and calvary cross. In the church, the retable, the pulpit and the organ are intricately decorated, demonstrating the work of sculptors, cabinet-workers, painters and organ-building masters from the 17th century. Admirable!

  • Observe more closely the interior architecture of the “pondalez” houses in Morlaix by visiting the one at 9, Grand Rue and the house known as “Duchess Anne” house on Rue du Mur.
  • In Pays de Morlaix, there is a circuit dedicated to churchyards, a unique sacred heritage in France. Saint-Thégonnec is, without contest, the masterpiece of these.

A break in nature in Carantec, with its Callot Island and Château du Taureau

There’s a holiday atmosphere in Carantec. The resort contains a collection of beaches and sandy bays, perfect for chilling out. Unless you prefer roaming along its cliffs on the coastal path…  At low tide, you can enjoy a walk on Callot Island. It’s a natural gem with coves, dunes, reeds and pastures. It’s also the ideal spot for shore fishing!
Feeling peckish? The La Chikolodenn cannery makes its own kig ha farz. It’s a local meat broth that you really must try!

In the afternoon, leaving from Roscoff, set sail on the SteirWay. On-board, you can learn a little about navigation, and then sail away! Opposite Carantec, get close to Louët Island and its lighthouse keeper’s house. Depending on opening times and tides, you can even make a stop at Château du Taureau fort, the “eyes” of Morlaix bay.

  • Château du Taureau is open from April to September and proposes an entire calendar of events.
  • At high tide, stroll on the superb Pointe de Pen Lan and Claude Goud park with its remarkable tree species. Breath-taking view of the bay and the oyster farms!

Listen to the tales of Roscoff and head to the Côte des Sables

Today, you have an appointment with a “Breiz’ter”. This Breton greeter will show you all the little recesses of Roscoff. This privateer city of granite and flowers has remarkable charm. Feel the special atmosphere that seeps from its little streets. Absorb yourself in its history in front of its Gothic and Renaissance residences. The tales that your guide will tell you are sure to thrill you!
On the port, go into the Algoplus boutique. The soups, pâté and other preparations from seaweed made by this traditional cannery are definitely worth a taste.
In the afternoon, enjoy the nature of Plouescat. Fine sandy beaches, dunes and granite blocks in fantastic shapes follow one another over nearly 13 km of coastline. In the bay, mudflats and vast sand banks intermingle creating a magical landscape!

  • From Roscoff, head to the Isle of Batz. The feeling of escape is guaranteed! The exotic plants in Georges Delaselle garden give a tropical feel to the island’s most easterly tip.
  • At low tide, the water in Kernic bay, near Plouescat, all but disappears, revealing an exceptional playground for land sailing.

We like

  • Observing in detail the elements of Saint-Thégonnec churchyard, for example the statue of archangel Gabriel on his triumphal gate, the face of Henry IV on one of the executioners sculpted on the calvary, etc.
  • Sitting on Kelenn beach in Carantec and enjoying the seaside atmosphere with its restaurants, beach club and water sports centre. The curious-looking rock you can see is the “Vicar’s seat”!

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