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Holiday to the rhythm of the tides in Mont Saint-Michel bayCross moving and stirring landscapes.
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Holiday to the rhythm of the tides in Mont Saint-Michel bay

Breathe in the fresh air and marvel at the magnificent nature around you. With the largest tides in Europe, the landscape of Mont Saint-Michel bay is constantly changing.

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3 days

At a glance

It is said that the sea comes in at the speed of a galloping horse. Discover Mont-Saint-Michel bay, lengthways, widthways and even across it, with your trousers rolled up of course! It unfolds from Pointe du Grouin Sud, where the eco-museum tells you all its secrets, to the picturesque Cancale port. Stroll through the oyster and mussel farms, wander through the medieval streets of Dol-de-Bretagne, set off for the privateer city of Saint-Malo. A holiday with a variety of landscapes and atmospheres is in store for you!

In Mont-Saint-Michel bay

To start the day, set off for Vains, in Manche, for a walk on Pointe du Grouin du Sud. On the way, stop at the Lefranc dairy farm. Their salted butter toffees are fa-moos!
On the shoreline, a long-house contains the Saint-Michel Bay eco-museum. It will help you to understand the nature and landscapes around you: polders, salt meadows, salt-meadow sheep and lambs, etc.
Depending on the tide and the period, set off to discover this wildlife. With backpacks on and bare feet, follow your guide through the bay. The silence, the birds, the changing colours… What magnificent nature!
The end of the day is the ideal moment for walking through the streets of Mont-Saint-Michel without the hustle and bustle. You can visit the abbey on your own, with a guide or as part of a conference.

  • In the village of Saint-Léonard, in Saint-Léna boutique, you’ll find a unique collection of objects inspired by Mont-Saint-Michel bay.
  • Get off the beaten tracks: in July-August, every night except Sundays, Mont-Saint-Michel abbey proposes a night-time show.

Medieval atmosphere and seaside walk in the land of Dol-de-Bretagne

This morning, be captivated by Dol-de-Bretagne. Its half-timbered houses, unusual streets and ramparts create the charm of this former bishop’s city. At the town’s entrance, Saint-Samson cathedral is a gem of Gothic architecture. The nearby Cathédraloscope will take you back through time and you’ll learn all about the architecture, construction and builders. In Rue Stuart, don’t miss Maison des Petits Palets, the oldest house in Brittany.
In the afternoon, head to the coast. There are numerous possibilities to choose from. Do you want thrills? Then go to Cherrueix beach for a land sailing lesson. Do you love seafood? Then hop on the Train Marin in Vivier-sur-Mer. With a tractor as a locomotive, it will take you the middle of the mussel farms. Back on the shore, the Maison de la Baie will teach you more about mussel farming. It’s a real treat!

  • Be carried away by Dol La Mystérieuse by following the circuit on your own at any time of year, or accompanied by the tourist office during the holiday season.
  • From Easter to November, drop in at “La Dégustation Tonneau” in Vivier-sur-Mer to taste AOP bouchot mussels from Mont-Saint-Michel and Cancale oysters.

From Cancale port to Saint-Malo ramparts

After breakfast, enjoy the exceptional setting of Cancale. Go down to Houle port and feel the sea mist. Invigorating and soothing at once!
From there, follow the Sentier des Douaniers to Pointe du Hock and then Pointe de la Chaîne. All the way along, you’ll be able to see the Cancale rock, the oyster farms and Rimains Island.
After admiring the view, stop at the Oyster Workshop. Seafood is even better when it’s direct from the producer!
Then, via the coastal route, continue to Saint-Malo. Walk through Corbières park, in the Saint-Servan district, and admire the view of the Rance and Tour Solidor. After a crêpe break at Sablons Port, make the most of the end of the day to stroll around the old town. There are several stairways or ramps that you can climb to the ramparts, so don’t hesitate!

  • In Cancale, visit Pointe du Grouin, a “must-see”. From this rocky spur, the view is worthy of the most beautiful photos. To the left, Cap Fréhel. To the right, Mont-Saint-Michel bay.
  • At the end of the day, the inner city of Saint-Malo calms down again. It’s the perfect time for appreciating its historic heritage, strolling through its streets, entering cafés and boutiques…

We like

  • Before high tide, sitting at Pointe de la Roche Torin (Manche) and admiring the view as the sea comes in to cover Mont-Saint-Michel bay. The best time? When the coefficients are above 100.
  • Buying oysters directly from the producers at the Cancale Oyster Market and enjoying them there and then, opposite the parks, the Cancale rock and Mont-Saint-Michel.

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